On the surface, Motherbirth is loud, abrasive, vulgar, and chaotic. But all of this is held together with aggressive riffing, tight chops, and bottom heavy melodies, resulting in a tight unit of relentless energy. Gordon Bolles provides the grinding six string work, supported by Dragan Stojkovski's pounding, punchy bass lines. Jake Samulski's precise drumming somehow keeps all of this mayhem in order. Overhead, Bryan Musial's vocals drift in compassionate melody, then take a nose-dive with razor claws aimed right for your throat. The band recorded and released their debut EP in January of 1996 and watched as the first print of 400 sold out almost instantly. One year later they recorded their first full length album which hugely surpassed sales of their EP. Soon after, having the opportunity to open for such national acts as Coal Chamber, Pro-Pain, Crisis, and Voivod. They have taken the hardcore genre and renovated it. Motherbirth packs Buffalo venues, where they find swarms of educated fans waiting for them at the front, and sometimes upon the vibrating stage. Members of the audience match Musial word for word as he preaches his heart during tunes like, "Fade Away" and "Downtime." Not only is Motherbirth's music superb, their stage presence and image are truly enthralling. The guys are highly active, as they bounce all over the stage while never missing a note. It wouldn't be fair to say they dress to the image of their musical genre, they live it. They're a charismatic, musically honest, down to earth bunch of guys. The group formed and began writing in early 1994 and, after the addition of Musial on vocals in 1995, has grown like a weed in terms of popularity and musical prowess.


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none MOTHERBIRTH Downtime(CD, Album) Watchmen Records none US 1997 Sell This Version
none Motherbirth One Fine Day(CD, Album) Watchmen Records none US 1999 Sell This Version