Ensemble Mesostics

Founded in 2010, the Ensemble Mesostics is a variable geometry group consisting of twenty-three young musicians - winners of international competitions and prestigious training members (Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France, Orchestre National de Lyon, Deutsche Radio Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern, Orchestra Tampere Philharmonic, etc.) - under the direction of chefs Jean Geoffroy and Renaud Dejardin . The members met at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Lyon and at the Academy of the Ensemble Modern in Austria. The word "mesostics" refers to the poetic form of mésostiches where the median letters can be read vertically up a word related to the subject of the poem. The choice of this name symbolizes the willingness to interact composers, writers, visual artists, dancers and filmmakers. Discover unknown territories, inventing new languages ​​and original concert forms are preferred. Implement educational activities also a mission set to transmit contemporary music in many. The Ensemble Mesostics wants to share a new vision of contemporary music by revealing the surprising affiliations and deep resonances that unite the world today. Contemporary music think our time, it is a life experien


Hortus 104 Ensemble Mesostics - Tramages album art Ensemble Mesostics : Martin Matalon, Philippe Hurel, Bernard Cavanna Ensemble Mesostics : Martin Matalon, Philippe Hurel, Bernard Cavanna - Tramages(2xCD, CD ) Editions Hortus Hortus 104 France 2014 Sell This Version