Robert Musenbichler

Real Name:
Robert Musenbichler
Robert "Robby" Musenbichler is an Austrian guitar player, composer and producer.

Born January 17, 1955 in Knittelfeld, Austria. He started his career with his brother Peter Musenbichler in the psychedelic beat group Freak Out, after which he played from 1974-1978 in Magic (14) with Boris Bukowski. In 1978 he moved to Stuttgart to work as producer and session musician. He contributed to over 500 records till 1990. In 1981 he starts his own band with Tokyo (4) which is successful for 2 LPs. The music is mainstream orientated and looses public interest over the next year. When he moves back to Austria in 1990, he works with all austro-pop stars, like Bilgeri, Supermax, Wilfried to Reinhard Fendrich and Tony Wegas. He still is active in music business.
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