Alan McCarthyCompositions & Recordings

Born 11 July 1957
Died 11 August 1995.
Started in 70's bands Spoons & Forks and Obsession. Moved on to punk band Still Life.
Founding member of Cham-pang around 1981-1982.
Was in Men Without Hats between 1981 to 1986.
Allan started working on Eupsychia in 1985, writing all lyrics, composing all music for what would be over 20 songs. In 1989 Eupsychia would become an official band. Of the over 20 songs, 4 were recorded in studio as demos. They performed once in 1991 at Parc Lafontaine in Montreal for over 40,000 spectators for the gay pride festivities after the annual Gay Pride Parade.
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