The Demolyrs

Real Name:
The Demolrys (New-York)
Personnel :
Robert Vignaplano (Lead)
Ralph Marsella (First Tenor)
Robert Ciappetta (Second Tenor)
Alex Narducci (Baritone)
Michael Manno (Bass)

Discography :

1964 - Rain / Hey Little Rosie (U.W.R.900/Jason Scott 7)


1963 - Shang (U.W.R. 901)
1963 - Don't Cry Little Girl (U.W.R. 901)
1964 - My Girl

Biography :
The Demolyrs performed a great deal of backup vocals as well as instrumental background for various artists on various labels. They recorded the disc below at New York's CBS Studios, and it was released on UWR.
They made some club and other social functions after the recordings, but British invasion was taking hold, and this marked the end of the demolyrs. They broke up in the mid-1960s because some of the members were drafted.
Mitch Rosalky (Encyclopedia of Rhythm & Blues and Doo-wop vocal Group).


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