Real Name:
Paul Marcus
B.r.i.x aka Brix began to rap in 2006 with friends. Influenced very much by Grime artists at that time he was encouraged to write lyrics. He would rap with his friends in different towns out and around. Eventually he rapped in front of someone who had a friend who produced his own beats, then an arrangement to meet up along with other local mc's in a studio was arranged which in turn a group formed.

Danger1nze (Brix, Finisha, D Dot S & Colossal) went on to complete their first and only mini album mixtape titled ‘High Voltage’ and a music video titled ‘Danger1nze - Better Days’ music video was released in 2007. This became a big hit and was shown on at the time UK talent, music TV channel, Channel U on Sky television (now known as Channel AKA). After this it was announced that the project had to end and improvements had to be made. Imperial Squad decided to drop two members from Danger1nze, then to reform a new band as a four member unit as just Imperial Squad. They embarked on their debut album. Released music videos by Imperial Squad & Sir-B respectively on Channel AKA included Just A Link, Track Wrecka & Track Wrecka Remix, Freak, Slow Down, Money Maker, Beside Of You, Hangover & Single Mothers by Cypher which are available to view on Youtube. The group began touring up and down the country and also had a special appearance on BBC Radio 1xtra's Tim Westwood show in early 2009 for a live freestyle performance footage session.

Brix was the creative force behind some of the groups hits, his talents were more focused on songwriting by constructing the choruses and bridges for either himself or a featured singer to sing over primarily group producer Sir-B's beats. Although song writing was a skill later developed after initially starting out as just raw rapping and 16 bars lyrical writing in his early writing stages.

In 2013 the group released their debut album 'Imperialism' for digital download along with three music videos to promote in which the lead single 'Another Way 2 My Heart' was featured on Channel AKA.

By the fall of 2013 the band sadly separated due to musical differences with in the band and record contract disagreements.


At some point during the latter years of his experience with Imperial Squad, Brix decided to experiment by making his own hip-hop beats to at first rap over and use for solo projects. During this testing stage he produced a dance track and as a birthday gift to himself that year he took this track to the studio to be mastered, a track titled 'Miami Affair' back in 2013. It was not until three years later taking a break from music, after the bands break up that he decided to spend the rest of his musical career transforming himself into a DJ and record producer instead of just giving up on music as a whole. In 2016 Brix returned to music but this time focusing less on rap and more on producing electronic music. The first track that was created was titled 'The Sphinx' a high energy 150 bpm techno influenced dark and Egyptian sounding experiment. This track influenced and mainly by its title gave birth to the idea of Pharaoh music which is a term for dark, Egyptian styled electronic dance beats. He then decided on Pharaohz as the new artist name and from then on the whole ancient egypt theme and content and direction became the main focus. DJ Pharaohz was born from releasing self live mixed techno and house free download compilations via Soundcloud. Brix continues on as Pharaohz carrying the sound of Pharaoh music to as far reach as possible.


B.r.i.x Discography Tracks


BrixMusic 03 B.r.i.x Versifier Unit 3 (The Greatest Hits)(8xFile, MP3, MiniAlbum, Promo) BrixMusic BrixMusic 03 UK 2014