Archimedes Badkar

Swedish experimental fusion band that released four albums during the 1970s. They were based in Vaxholm and featured rock, jazz and folk musicians from the cream of Swedish underground. Their music incorporated elements of ethnic music (Swedish folk, Balkan, Turkish, Indian, Tibetan and African, etc.), jazz, rock, and folk, bridging many styles and genres from jazz-rock through to pure avant-garde. Well-known world music maverick Bengt Berger joined during the recording of their first LP and later took a few of the musicians to form his Bitter Funeral Beer Band. Their fourth album was out of character with the earlier ones being a direct collaboration with members of the band Afro 70.


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February 17, 2014
Drop the rock and add the jazz and electronics to Arbete's music and you will be close to the Archimedes' sound. They were a more consistent group, but alas, only stayed together long enough to record three LP's. BADROCK FOR BARN I ALLA ÅLDRAR and "II" (a double) were recorded around the same time, the former being more acoustic, the latter being more diverse, using electronic treatments on their instruments. Again, similarities arise with the Conrad & Faust album, even though the music is quite different. Their last platter TRE is a lot different being more percussive & a lot jazzier.
by Alan & Steve Freeman, first published in Neumusik, issue 5 (August 1981)

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