Indigesti was an Italian hardcore band, based in West North Italy area. Started in november 1981.
Their most active period lasted from 1981/1987 with three european tours and one USA tour in 1986.
Still considered one of the best & most important HC bands during the '80s.
Most knowing for their legendary live acts, for one of the famous 7inches ever (Indigesti / Wretched 7ep - D.I.Y released in september 82) and for the cult release 'Osservati Dall'Inganno' full lenght album.

* members 1981/1983
Rudy Medea - lead vocals
Daniele De Sanctis - guitar
Enrico Giordano - guitar
Roberto Vernetti - bass
Massimo Corradino - drums / replaced for many gigs by Marco 'Maniglia' Medici

*members 1985/1987
Rudy Medea - lead vocals
Enrico Giordano - guitar
Silvio Bernelli - bass
Massimo Corradino - drums / replaced after the recording sessions of 'ODI' by Massimo Ferrusi

*members reunion CD 'In Disparte'
Rudy Medea - lead vocals & guitars
Marzio 'Mungo' Bertotti - bass (solo guitar on 'oltre il confine')
Tino Paratore - drums
Enrico Giordano - guitar "solos"
(by the way this album ('in disparte') originally started as the second full lenght album of 'Acredine' in 2000 but then Rudy change in 'Indigesti' the entire project].

Members:Daniele De Sanctis, Enrico Giordano, Marco Medici, Marzio Bertotti, Massimino Ferrusi, Massimo Corradino, Roberto Vernetti, Rudy Medea, Silvio Bernelli


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