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SX12001 Simulant - Simm City album art Simulant Simm City Scopex SX12001 UK 1998 Sell This Version
SX12002 Simulant - Out Of Ether album art Simulant Out Of Ether Scopex SX12002 UK 2000 Sell This Version


Tresor.300 Simulant - Scopex 98/00 album art Simulant, Pollon Simulant, Pollon - Scopex 98/00(12", RE + 12", RE + 12", RE + 12", S/Sided + Comp) Tresor Tresor.300 Germany 2017 Sell This Version

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November 8, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
After some digging through Discogs, I decided to revisit the contested connection to Two Lone Swordsmen, as mentioned by Communty. I have previously speculated that the connection of Scopex and Solexis Audio to TLS came from Simulant's remix of one of their tracks, found on Two Lone Swordsmen - Further Reminders. What eluded me at the time, was that one half of TLS, Andrew Weatherall, actually has a brother: Ian Weatherall. Ian, alongside Duncan Gray, was part of the Sons Of Slough. This didn't seem out of place at first until I considered what maelstrom said:

it was two guys from Slough.

If what he said was true, then all of these connections seem too good to be a coincidence to me. I mean just listen to Boxhead on Sons Of Slough - Live EP. It sounds quite similar to Optimal Flow, which although not released while the label was active, did appear on the Tresor rerelease: Simulant, Pollon - Scopex 98/00. Tying in: Scopex launched a website with promos somewhere around the end of 2001 (at least according to the Wayback Machine). Although these previews are lost, one of them is said to be the aforementioned Optimal Flow. The similarity between that track and those on the Live EP, as well as the time window in which they were written further point to members of Sons Of Slough being involved with, or even running Scopex.


June 19, 2017
I NEED to contact these guys. It's really important. Anybody have infos ?


October 28, 2008
MY GOD what happened to these guys??? 4 years ago I was primed for the 4th release, listening to the samples on their webpage... then nothing. The page was gone and so were they. Do they realize what they have done, both in what they created and in how they disappeared? Those first two simulant releases were nothing short of ground breaking- look at what they sell for today. Are they watching from a distance, enjoying the effect they had on the electro community, laughing at all the heads who are drooling for more? Surely they are heads too? Or, did he (they, who knows) just bang out some tunes and drop it when they got bored? I refuse to believe that. Did life circumstances force them to abandon ship? Either way, what they have created is bigger than they are, and they need to (at the very least) put that 4th release out. Gems like this are so few and far between, and we have waited long enough. Sadly, I think we will continue to wait.


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