Lollobrigida started as electroclash duo, as the years passed by they've changed their sound to indie and pop. The only constant member is Ida Prester.

Current line up:
vocals - Ida Prester
keyboards, effects, backing vocals - Janja Lončar
rhythm guitar - Nikola Vukotić
guitar - Svebor Šakić
bass - Petar Stojanović

Lollobrigida Discography Tracks


385888286842 Lollobrigida - Cartoon Explosion album art Lollobrigida Cartoon Explosion(CD, Album, Copy Prot., Enh) Dop Records, Menart 385888286842 Croatia 2005 Sell This Version
385601091112 Lollobrigida - Lollobrigida Inc. album art Vis Lollobrigida* Lollobrigida Inc.(CD, Album) Dop Records, Menart 385601091112 Croatia 2008 Sell This Version
Lollobrigida - Pilula album art Lollobrigida Pilula (Album) MenArt Croatia 2012 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

none Lollobrigida - Moj Dečko Je Gej album art Lollobrigida Moj Dečko Je Gej(CDr, Single, Promo) Dop Records, Menart none Croatia 2008 Sell This Version
none Lollobrigida - Miss Right Mr Wrong + Radio Intervju S Lollobrigidom album art Lollobrigida Miss Right Mr Wrong + Radio Intervju S Lollobrigidom(CDr, Maxi, Promo) Dop Records, Menart none Croatia 2008 Sell This Version
none Lollobrigida - Bivša Cura album art Lollobrigida Bivša Cura(File, MP3, Single, 320) Exit Music (2) none Serbia 2010
none Lollobrigida - Sex On TV, Sex On Radio album art Lollobrigida Sex On TV, Sex On Radio(File, MP3, Single, 192) Not On Label (Lollobrigida Self-released) none Croatia 2011
none Lollobrigida - Reklama album art Lollobrigida Reklama(File, Single) Not On Label (Lollobrigida Self-released) none Croatia 2013
none Lollobrigida Feat. Svi Na Pod! Lollobrigida Feat. Svi Na Pod! - Uzalud(File, Single) Not On Label (Lollobrigida Self-released) none Serbia 2014
none Lollobrigida Zašto?(File, Single) Not On Label (Lollobrigida Self-released) none Serbia 2014


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June 2, 2009
Lollobrigida evolved into a fine punk standard of a pop rock band so far. However, it seems they suffer from finding true identity. The band insist on attacking stereotypes while on the other hand they create several ones themselves, resulting in crass, conformist attitude (we are punk but we are a corporation, we judge trends but we are a trend).

As for the music, no matter the appeal of radio friendly melodies or their unlikely trash factor, it is just a hollow tool. Recent songs bring sharp social commentary on occasion - one such example is the excellent single "My Boyfriend is Gay", also delivered in a beautiful acapella version by Le Zbor.

However, the experience is generally a shallow, boring listening - especially evident in the group's predictable (if not entirely ridiculous) use of Croatian and English lyrics; Miss Right and Mr Wrong, Pillow Boy Baby Girl, Tina Lollipop, Mona the Girl Buster, Mr Yuppie...

Stretched, or squeezed if you like, between sleaze and fancy dress, both musical style and identity suffer from constant conflict. Lollobrigida try to leave the impression of being persuasive and provocative, but behind the colourful costume built appearance there's very little substance.

The audience at their gigs sometimes demonstrates this irony - how many are actually listening to Lollobrigida, whether at home or during live gigs? Mainly, there is the element of posing at each other - the group as spokesmen for their generation and the generation itself not giving fuck about it.

The early stuff recorded by the original duo was dominated by amateurish aesthetic of a typical electroclash sensation of the time. By 2003, this type of music burst at large onto Croatian pop scene, mostly club circuits, and Lollobrigida saw the opportunity of using it to much effect incorporating kitsch and sexually explicit comments delivered in a childish manner, throwing "sex, drugs and bubblegum" into the mix just for the flavour.

Tiny traces of Shampoo, The B 52's, Peaches, The Primitives, Videosex or Transvision Vamp are all evident in Lollobrigida's earlier trashy chic but the duo sadly left its potential for playing safe at amateurish trash pop formula that albeit effective or appealing remains their biggest problem. If there is actual talent, they continue wasting it.

Personally, I am mostly fond of the duo's earlier set of demos - many of these early songs found their way onto their debut studio album "Cartoon Explosion". But from where Lollobrigida were a charming novelty with demos such as "A Toy", "Party", "Cut & Paste", "Seashell", "Unmerry Christmas" and especially stunning "Ugly Girl", their debut album is confusingly flat for there was no point in posh production of already established trash electropop sound.

In their transformation from charmingly naive girl duo to a solid group status, Lollobrigida trade honesty for, pure and simple, ambition. They try and sell it in the wake of a marketing trick but this trick rarely seems to work.

If it's still supposed to be a joke, it's definitely not funny or interesting - no matter how socially aware or vulgar. Just pompous.

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