Yura Moorush

Yura Moorush

Yura Moorush is the Moscow musician and producer. Some time ago Moorush was a member of a t.a.n.d.e.m group. But not many people know that nowadays because for the most of them he is known for his activities on Art-Tek Records - Moscow based experimental electronic music label.

In 1999 he became a co-producer of the label together with Roman Belavkin (aka Solar X). Since then he carries all the work from A to Z as well as takes care of parties, presentations and performances. He does a great job taking care of everything from mastering of albums in his country-house to producing it and communication with distributors and journalists. Without Moorush all five Art-Tek CD releases couldn't have happened.

The first Art-Tek release that Yura prepared was "Artefacts" compilation that introduced 12 compositions. Names like DJ Kompass-Vrubell, EU, Fizzarum, Lazyfish, SCSI-9 as well as Solar X became absolute headliners of this album. Compilation received flattering reviews from Wired, Musik and Groove magazines. Artists presented on it became well known and released their music in Russia, USA, UK and Germany. It was followed by releases of Lazyfish "Vortex", EU "EU_Soft", Alexandroid "Sinoptic", Mewark "Organisation iS"

Moorush coordinates Russian electronic musicians, DJs, promoters and music lovers, all people who together make a Russian experimental electronic music scene.

BTW, literary in Russian "Moorush" means a little ant.


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Yura Moorush Moscow-Berlin-Café EP (EP) Trapez Germany 2001 Sell This Version
Yura Moorush Next Round EP (EP) Force Tracks Germany 2003 Sell This Version

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