Gas 80s90s00sBerlin

April 18, 2020
Wolfgang Voigt's GAS-signature-sound seems to be influenced a lot by 1983 OMD* - Telegraph's 6:40 mins B-Side '66 And Fading'

Gas velocity_kendall

October 30, 2020
To be fair, his love of British 80's pop is well known :0)

Gas Shamanavi

February 5, 2019
Phenomenal productions. Immersive, insightful and mysterious sound worlds. Highly recommended! :)

Gas dalakouras

July 31, 2017
edited over 4 years ago
Enter the Voigt: electronic composition perfected, altered states ensured. Immense drones, drifting ambience, ghostly strings, subterranean beats: deep and hypnotic and sublime. CLASSIC.

Gas as reviewed by Flipster100

November 15, 2016
My set is lovely. No fingerprints, warps or similar.
The inner sleeves were probably a bad choice due to the material but that is something you as a label might realize when it's too late. They are inviting for fingerprints, seam splits and wrinkling... I am overall fine with it though.

Gas RMatuszewski

January 4, 2017
Agree... Received mine yesterday and am a bit disappointed by the inner sleeves and the records inner cases. Too flimsy and feels a bit cheap.

Gas edlad

November 1, 2016
Any thoughts on why the first album is absent from the box set?

Gas deep_honey

April 29, 2018
Seems like a cop-out considering the first album wasn't considered too different for the Nah Und Fern box that preceded the Gas box... Poorly justified revisionism IMO.

Gas Flipster100

November 15, 2016
There was an interview recently in which Voigt stated that the first album and 12" represented a whole different approach to music. Therefore both releases weren't included.

Gas mvns

November 1, 2016
Why did you choose to not repress the first GAS EP and album?

Wolfgang Voigt: Because the first GAS album represents a different artistic and musical style and approach.

Source: Discogs' interview with him about the boxset.

Gas peterbourbon

October 29, 2016
Has anybody already started a draft for the boxset release? I have it in my hand, but don't want to do double work since it's big and time consuming. Thanks!

Gas mvns

August 21, 2016
A Kompakt advert in the Groove magazine seem to suggest a 10x12"/4CD GAS boxset? The catalog number seems to be KOMPAKT 370, anyone knew about it?

Gas kingdagmarius

July 13, 2016
I'm back and I still want these records but I still don't have the money and Gas has been with me all these years

Gas Techncs

December 21, 2014
Gas is my favourite. There are unique always.

Gas kingdagmarius

January 20, 2014
Come on, we need reissues (preferable Nah Und Fern), these prices are becoming absurd!

Gas etherealflux

October 3, 2011
edited over 10 years ago
Normally, when people review artists, they say there pro's and con's... But with GAS, simply... WOW!