The Flying Lurinskys

The Flying Lurinskys

Real Name:
Dan Monox and Michael Forshaw
The Story of The Flying Lurinskys:
Whilst serving lengthy jail sentences for crimes against fashion, Dan Monox and Michael Forshaw first met during a riot where they both tried to escape.
They were quickly caught and thrown into solitary confinement in cells across from each other. No record exists of which fashion crimes were committed to warrant such harsh custodial sentences, and the boys are staying tightlipped about it.
Kept in solitary for six months, many conversations ensued revealing a love of evil techno and circus trapeze acts. Both were surprised to discover that as children they'd been taken to see the same amazing circus show. The act that remained indelibly stamped on their memories was that of a family of trapeze artistes called 'The Flying Lurinskys'.
Dan and Michael were both blown away by the sheer audacity and bravery of this daredevil aerial troupe, and were deeply saddened to find out that 'The Flying Lurinskys' were all tragically killed last year while trying to incorporate a grizzly bear into the act.
Circus insiders still maintain that the family might have been saved if the bear had been declawed before training began, but anyway... Dan and Michael decided to preserve their memory by taking 'The Flying Lurinskys' name for themselves, making every track an homage to this death defying family.


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chan 12 The Flying Lurinskys Unleash Electric Death EP(12", EP) Chan 'n' Mikes Records chan 12 UK 2007 Sell This Version

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