Bart Claessen

Real Name:Bart Claessen

DJ & producer based in Weert, The Netherlands.
Born: January 22, 1980 (Asten, The Netherlands)
Bart Claessen started playing music at a young age. At the end of the 90's he had a little studio and with this equipment he produced his first track. That track, "Barthezz - On The Move", was released in 2001 and it became 2001's summer-anthem. Next year saw the follow up, "Infected". In 2003 Bart started a new project called "StereoShaker", releasing the track "Rock 'n Roll".
After these two projects, Bart released his first track under his own name, remixing loads of Trance artists, became a key member at Yakuza and later Anjunabeats.
After his track "Fantomah" in 2011, followed by a significant hiatus, he decided to move a bit further from Trance with his singles at Big & Dirty and took Dubstep and Electro House on his flag.
In 2014, he founded his first own label Playmo Sounds and the success of those tracks lead him to Mainstage Music too.
In 2017, he suddenly decided to retire from making music and using social media platforms. , , Facebook , X , Soundcloud , YouTube
Aliases:Barthezz, Stereoshaker
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