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Donald Height was based in New York in his early career and recorded over a 16 year period in all. He was mainly a solo artist (going by 2 different names) but was also lead singer in a legendary doo wop group (Hollywood Flames) for a while. He was signed to a number of major labels; King, ABC-Paramount, Jubilee, Old Town, RCA, Roulette, Shout, Avco, Bell and Dakar. Some of his 45's did so well in the US, that they got picked up for foreign release (in countries such as the UK, Canada & South Africa). Two of his UK releases became 60's mod / soul club anthems and then repeated this success on the NS scene when re-released in the 70's. He also cut a version of another top 60's UK mod club song ("She Blew A Good Thing").
Donald worked in collaboration with some top industry people, Teddy Vann, Ralph Bailey (who had songs cut by Chuck Jackson, Lee Roye, Vernon Garrett & Ted Taylor), Horace Ott, Johnny Northern, Bert Berns, Garry Sherman, Thomas Glascoe, Eddie Jones (Linda Jones brother), Robert Bateman, Alonzo Tucker, J J Jackson & Joe Webb.
As well as being a singer & songwriter, he was also a producer & ran a couple of production companies and small record labels (Mayhew Records, Soulful Music Records, Hy Monty etc). He worked with numerous other acts; the Bobbettes (aka Soul Angels), Casualiars, La Vern, the Lost Souls, etc.
He left New York in 1975 and returned in North Carolina where he worked as a plasterer for some years. He passed away age 59 on July 2nd 1999.

Aliases:Don Day Curtis, Prince Jefferies
In Groups:The Hollywood Flames
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