Владимир Акимов (2)

Real Name:
Владимир Петрович Махновец (Акимов) – Vladimir Petrovich Makhnovets (Akimov)
Vladimir Akimov (1872/75–1921) was a Russian revolutionist and political activist, leader of "economism" in Russian social-democratic movement. Akimov purportedly wrote Krasnoye Znamya ("Красное знамя") song – a translation of Polish working-class song Czerwony sztandar (1881) by the socialist poet Bolesław Czerwieński (1851–1888), which was in turn a loose translation of the French revolutionary song Le Drapeau Rouge. Czerwienski wrote the song on the tenth anniversary of the Commune of Paris.

Originally this song was translated into Russian by Gleb Krshishanovsky at the Butyrka Prison in 1897, where he learned the revolutionary hymn from convicted Poles. This version wasn't very popular, and the original autograph had been lost.

The best-known Russian version was published as an appendix to the Rabochaya Mysl newspaper in Berlin (No. 8, February 1900) without an author. Since then, no definite proof of the authorship was ever retrieved until, in 1919-1922, Vladimir Bonch-Bruyevich pointed out Akimov as an author in the comments to the song. Krasnoe Znamya had been popular during both Russian revolutions in 1905-1907 and 1917.


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