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James Louis Ferraro, born in Rochester, NY, was one half of The Skaters (with Spencer Clark), one half of Lamborghini Crystal (though the existence of J.C. Peavey is disputed) and is a prolific solo musician / composer. He records with a wide range of pseudonyms and explores many varying styles. 2011's "Far Side Virtual" marked a direct shift away from lo-fi underground multiverses headlong into hi-fi pop realms.

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Aliases:8pashupatinath, Acid Eagle, Angel Snake, Arecaceae, Bebetune$, Calf (2), Composition Of The Sensibilities Of Melted Knowledge, Cruisin' The Nightbiker Strip 1977, D.M.T. (2), Dreams (6), GECKO AFTERLIFE HD, Gnome Eaters, Heavens Burst Creation Horizonz, Interstellar Hustle, K2 (17), Keyhole Voyeur, Liquid Metal (5), Mavi Blackout, Menstrual Chinese Dream, Newage Panther Mistique
In Groups:90210, Bodyguard (2), Clams (2), Dominos Pizza, Edward Flex, Excel (8), Grippers Nother Onesers, Heavens Burst Creation Horizonz, Jim Ferraro, Lamborghini Crystal, Pacific Rat Temple Band, The Grass Magic, The Skaters, The Temple Defectors, Warp (4), Way Of The Cross
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