One Block Society

One Block Society was a Post-Hardcore/Hardcore Punk band from Greece, formed 1995 in Athens.

Last Lineup:
Zak A. Vocals & Guitar // Robert dB Guitar // Peter L. Drums // Mike Pal. Bass Guitar

The band was formed in autumn 1995 initially by Zak A. (Vocals), Thomas B. (Guitar), Robert dB (Guitar), Harry K. (Drums) and Thanos P. (Bass Guitar) as a remedy for teenage boredom. First musical attempts were a combination of the New York Hardcore sound with Emo-Punk at that time, while having a D.I.Y. political attitude. O.B.S.'s rookie concert took place in Villa Amalias Squat (winter 1996), in Athens. Ever since, the band has gone through a lot of changes concerning lineup, musical orientation and political attitude. Zak and Robert remained as the only founding members of the current line up. Peter L. joined the band in 2000 as a bass player at first, then switching to drums, his natural position, in 2004. At that time Agis P. joined the band and recorded the bass for A Soundtrack For The Young And Passionate, the band's only release. Mike Pal. (AKA Funkanizer) came along late 2006 and has remained the band's bassist ever since. Lyrics to the songs express socio-political beliefs and inner emotions influenced by political tendencies such as the International Situationist and truly human experiences like friendship, love, hate, loss and everyday life. They have shared the stage with bands like Sick Of It All, Caliban, Blood For Blood, Walls Of Jericho, Boysetsfire. Between 2007 and 2013, the band was either jamming, arguing, recording and experimenting on different genres of music (Post-Hardcore, Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Post-Metal) or entering short periods of hiatus. Eventually they decided to dismantle due to personal and musical differences. A reunion show was performed by the band in 2016. The triggering event behind this reformation was the sudden death of Nick Pediaditis, ex-bassist of the band and an old friend. On December 2017, a month after opening for Therapy?, the band broke up.

Former Members & Collaborators:
Thomas B. Guitar (1995-1997)
Thanos P. Bass Guitar (1995-1997)
Harry K. Drums (1995-1999, 2000-2004)
Haris G. Bass Guitar (1998, briefly)
Nick Pediaditis Bass Guitar (1998-2000)
Hector.D Drums (1999-2000)
Stefanos Samples (2003, briefly)
Thomas G (2) Bass Guitar (2004)
Agis P. Bass Guitar (2005)
Nadia Bass Guitar (2006, briefly)
Cenobite (2) Samples & Noise (2006, briefly)
Iasonas Leontidis Guitar (2007, briefly)
Tasos Kakousis Drums & Production (2008-2009)
Theo Argyropoulos Sound Engineering



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