Bonebag is a band of Sieges Even / Subsignal vocalist Arno Menses. In 2002 Arno Menses and Ronald Utens (vocals, guitar) teamed up and started writing, not entirely satisfied with the results so Mike Palandeng (lead guitar) was asked to join them. After recording the demo Positive, a bass-player was needed to perform live and Martijn Horten, an old friend, was called in to join the band. With the contacts Arno Menses had made with Sieges Even he found it possible for Bonebag to progress beyond recording demo’s and get a record deal with QuiXote Music.

Of course the obvious comparison to Sieges Even can be made, although Bonebag is more a rock band, with compact songs - and none reaching over the five minute mark. Noli Me Tangere (don’t touch me) clearly shows that Arno Menses input in the sound of Sieges Even is more than just his singing. Bonebag's sound can also be compared to The Mars Volta, it has a bit of that funky sound with a hard edge, and on some of the slow pounding songs I can almost swear I’m listening to The Smashing Pumpkins. Also fans of King's X will find some handles on this album. (source:


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QXT CD 56 Bonebag - Noli Me Tangere album art Bonebag Noli Me Tangere(CD, Album) QuiXote Music QXT CD 56 Germany 2007 Sell This Version