Chaosium (2)

Chaosium (2)

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Chaosium was founded in August 2014 as a side project by Igor Miladinović (guitar) and Ivan Petrović (bass and vocals), both members of heavy/thrash metal band Alister from Jagodina, Serbia. Soon afterwards Ivan Dulić (drums), also a member of Alister and ex-Stillborn Sun, and Nikola Pavićević (guitar) ex-Wartex, joined Chaosium making it more than just a side project.
In October 2014 Chaosium enters the studio of Stefan Kovačević - Forever Storm (Bleeding Freedom project studio, Kragujevac) and records their first single „All Safety Mutates“ (music: Igor Miladinović and Ivan Petrović, lyrics: Miroslav Milutinović, ex-Stillborn Sun). Nikola Nikita Jeremić (Mad Head Games, Eon Sound Productions) wrote the intro for the single.
In December 2014 Chaosium records two more songs, “Malicious Design” i “The Tyranny” (with Stefan Kovačević as lead guitar), and thus completes their first EP, titled „MMXV“. In February 2015 the EP becomes available online for free download.
During March 2015 Nikola Pavićević leaves Chaosium due to personal reasons, and Aleksandar Živković (ex-Stillborn Sun) joins the band as his replacement. Numerous concerts ensued as a collaboration with Miner Records’ Invasion from the East.
Early in 2016 Chaosium finishes the recording of their first full length album „Let the whole world bleed“, in Bleeding Freedom studio in Kragujevac. The first single was Let the Whole World Bleed. The album was released in April 2016 for Miner Records.
Chaosium doesn’t have a lot of concerts or songs in their brief history, but Miladinović, Petrović, Dulić and Živković are experienced musicians as the members of other Serbian metal bands, such as Alister, Stillborn Sun, Decrepancy, Infest, Psychoparadox… and are present on Serbian metal scene for years.
Chaosium is currently promoting their album Let the Whole World Bleed.


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