DJ Simonassi

Real Name:
Pablo Hernan Simonassi
"Pablito Simonassi", as everybody knows him in the music world, has more than 16 years of trajectory. Thanks to his professional status, sympathy and humility, could win a lot of friends and he also placed between one of the most well-known and appreciated record producers of Argentina.

His nights are known for a strong tendency to Disco, ..80 Pop and the ..90 House music. Bands as Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, New Order, INXS and U2 motivate him in his memory sets, and DJs as: Mosca, Quique Merola and Alejandro Pont Lezica were decisive when selecting his musical tendency.
Many are the clubbers where Pablito left his trace: Le Theatre, la Embajada, The End, Coyote, Frere, La France, Bella Roma, are only some of them.
Nowadays, he goes through different clubs of the country and Latin America, bringing his music with him.
Radio and television also played an important rol in his career. In 1993 begins his work for Abraxas Producciones Internacionales, where he meets Bernardo Bergueret and Carlos Gambini, mentors of the mythical Z-95, radio which had a predominant place in the dance scene, that was beginning to develop in those days.
Together with Claudio Ferraro, H. Scanner and B.B Sanzo arrived to different radios; therefore, he had the chance to perform in F.M Power 91.5, F.M Energy 101.1 and Top Radio 101.5.
Some years later, with Claudio Ferraro, he took part of the successful weekly strip: D.J. Time, Generacion X and D.J. Club, radio programs which were broadcasted all around the country. In television, he also took part of the staff of Much Dance, broadcasted by Much Music and in which he worked with VJs as Mosca, Madda Aldo Haydar, J.P. Pfiter and Guillermito Mastrangelo.
In 1994 he enters to the label Rave ON (BMG) and begins his career as record producer taking charge of Midi Studio. There, together with Franquito Favini, and considering Chris Lowe and Peter Gleadell as head referents in musical production, he performed some remixes for different artists of the company.
Just after he took charge of the studio, he succeeded in settling in all the dancing floors and FMs of the world the megahits: Pedro navaja (Remix 9/5) from El Lupe y La Macarena, original theme by Ruben Blades and later, without pausing for breath, also working with El Lupe y la Macarena, comes Zandunga, another success which takes him to go on tour round the world with the group.

Macarena Mix, which belongs to the record label RCA-BMG, was one of the most successful compilation of all the times selling million copies round the world and where were found the megahits Macarena (Los del Rio) and Pedro Navaja (Remix 95) from El Lupe y La Macarena.
Pablito Simonassi, not only understood perfectly well the musical scene imposed by the time, but also got to edit two albums, both of them were selling and broadcasting hits.

Atràs del Palo (El Lupe y La Macarena) Rave- On (RCA-BMG) got to be gold record in many countries and America (El Lupe y La Macarena), Polygram.
Nowadays, there are innumerable remixes produced by Pablito Simonassi. Now he is working in a new own production which will be known in March 2008


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none DJ Simonassi - Movin On The Rhythm (Extended Mix) album art DJ Simonassi Movin On The Rhythm (Extended Mix)(File, FLAC, Single) DJ Simonassi none Argentina 2016


none DJ Simonassi - Cuba album art DJ Simonassi Feat. Massó DJ Simonassi Feat. Massó - Cuba(2xFile, FLAC) DJ Simonassi none Argentina Unknown

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