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Trainwreck Ghost


Trainwreck Ghost aka Trainwreck Ghosts (in the early years) is the project of singer-songwriter, musician and producer Roger Prescott. They were based originally in Los Angeles and later in Austin,Texas. Original members included Eddie Munoz of The Plimsouls, Tim Henderson of The Pop, Robert Williams and Kent Houseman. Trainwreck Ghost played hundreds of shows in both cities as well as touring the USA. They have released three albums and one cassette of original material so far as Trainwreck Ghost.

The band also performed acoustically as The Holy Boys, playing a mash-up of Appalachian, Cajun, and Country, often doing left-field covers of songs such as "Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division and "A House Is Not A Motel" by Authur Lee & Love. The Holy Boys released one CD of live performances and studio recordings in 1998.

A little more about Trainwreck Ghost:

Originally based in Los Angeles and later in Austin Texas. Trainwreck Ghost played constantly in L.A. at Raji's, Club Lingerie, The Central, (now the Viper Room), Al's Bar, The Gaslight, The Anti-Club, Madame Wong's, The Music Machine, Club 88, The Coconut Teaser and many other venues up and down the West Coast. They recorded a number of early tracks at the famous Venice Beach studio Radio Tokyo and on a trusty Teac 4-track deck in a home garage studio dubbed "Piss Bucket" (for it's lack of bathroom facilities.)

After moving to Austin they were regulars at The Continental Club, Liberty Lunch, The Hole in the Wall, and The Steamboat among others. They added the late-great bluesman Alex Napier (from early Stevie Ray Vaughn band, The Cobras, and Will and The Kill featuring Will Sexton) on bass guitar soon after the move to Austin. Trainwreck Ghosts recorded an EP, "The Phantom Tapes" and their 1st LP, "The Blood Won't Wash Out" with Aaron White at Austin's 6th Street Studios and rehearsed at the legendary hangout and rehearsal space ARC in South Austin.

Members of various line-ups of Trainwreck Ghost were songwriter-guitarist Roger Prescott, guitarist Eddie Munoz (from The Plimsouls), drummer, percussionist & dobro player Robert Williams, bass players Tim Henderson, Jaime Carter and Alex Napier, and guitarist and sometimes bass player Kent Earl Housman.

Members:Alex Napier (2), Eddie Muñoz, Robert Williams (17), Roger Prescott, Tim Henderson (3)


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