Quiet Dosage

Quiet Dosage

Real Name:
Gökhan Kılıç
Gökhan Kılıç (Gokosoul) was born in Istanbul Jan, 1985. When he was in high school back in the days, he got interested with choral vocals for singing & some concerts. Later he started to learn how to play guitar and keyboards and in 2000 his musical career got fired up.

“How to create that sound?” With this question in mind he fell into deep voyager with sound design. Year by year, track after another he learned to write whole tracks and creating own unique sounds. After many albums, singles, remixes, mashups, soundsets and DJ sets… he started to be known around the globe.

Generally he is producing EDM tracks such “Gri” and “Piyon”, one of these favorite tracks was written by him and got released back in 2008. Gökhan collaborated with German producer DJ Axel F back in 2011 and they produced a single called “Don’t Run Away”. It was a smash dance hit. But Quiet Dosage alias has more chill-out and different kind of dance tracks included.

He wants to make more creative EDM sounds with various artists, so he likes to be an open-minded person in this case.

Quiet Dosage is an Trance/Downtempo artist, producer, from Turkey since 2007.


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840094282971 Quiet Dosage The Things(File, AAC, AIFF, MP3, Single) Gokosoul Records 840094282971 Turkey 2017

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