Hood BarryGibson

February 4, 2019
edited over 3 years ago
missing tracks from singles:

Girl Called Heaven
Forced Indignation
Did I Really Say That?


Hood BarryGibson

February 4, 2019
missing compilation tracks:

Bomb Scare #14
A Knowledge Of Agriculture
A Piano As An Object
A Job Well Done
attached by traces
It's Oil
Abstract Paintings Of Meaningless Thoughts
Alfred Wainwright
I Wish I Was A Crowbar
Suspension Bridge
Endless Internal Dialogues
Static Lines
Lost Footing
Another Year
Absolute Grey Summer
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
She's Caught In Sunshine
Study Of Telegraph At 45
Means To Back Reforms

Hood wim82

August 24, 2017
anyone know what hood tracks are not on any of the compilation albums (recollected, compilations, singles compiled, structured distasters) ?

Hood rgrant

November 16, 2021
I downloaded some great unreleased tracks from their website at the start of the century:

sure! incalcuable ten
i was a genius

Hood Winter72

March 19, 2019
Other than Barry's list above there's a load of tracks that were on compilations mainly in the early days that have never been compiled.

Hood xhatesongx

September 6, 2017
There used to be ZIPs floating around of every single 7" just with numerous additional bonus tracks. I downloaded them all (and have them still) but to this day I haven't found out where those additional tracks are from. They're not on any of the Compilation albums...