Triple Sun

Triple Sun


Formed in 2011

Katia Et Marielle Labèque, a world most famous piano duo, brought Raphaël Séguinier, Massimo Pupillo and David Chalmin to explore the minimalist compelling repertoire, tracing the influence of the early American Minimalists upon musicians as broad-ranging and infamous as Brian Eno, Sonic Youth, Radiohead, and Aphex Twin.

Coming from very different worlds; classical, avant-garde and rock, the three musicians’ challenge was to engage in songwriting that would be both simple and full of inspirations coming from their very different backgrounds.

Deep drones furrow down, creating a transient base from which weight has no standing, and semi-solid post-rock actions float by untethered. The masterful percussion leads the procession by example, contributing so much more than the usual rock drummer template, and swarms of hum and hiss, minute moments and grand declarations wrap around the intimate voices that narrate this album. Bridging the gap between UNKLE, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, and timeless soundtrack compositions, the trio here have made a quite astounding collection of tracks, as unique as they are captivating. , Facebook , Bandcamp
Members:David Chalmin, Massimo Pupillo, Raphaël Séguinier


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