Stiffs, Inc.


Stiffs, Inc. was a Victorian-themed New York City punk band formed in 1992.

Brought together in New York City under the name 'Stiffs, Incorporated', the group were active between 1992 and 1998. Their early material is influenced by 1970s English punk. Through theatrical shows and morbid lyrics they quickly developed an original style which can be described as 'Post-Orwellian Victorian'. The band produced two albums along with a number of singles released on 7" and 12" records. Nix Nought Nothing was released in 1995 and Electric Chair Theatre was released in 1997.

"Stiffs, inc. delivers what may be the most artful and intelligent record to emerge from the NYC punk renaissance of groups like D-Generation, Trick Babies and NY Loose..." Tim Stegall CMJ New Music Monthly Aug 1995 CMJ New Music Monthly Aug 1995

They played their final show on May 24, 1998. Paul Boering has gone on to form Beaut with Marti Domination (ex-Blacklips Performance Cult, Matthew Barney's The Cremaster Cycle). Whitey Sterling has gone on to form the electronic based outfit known as Umbrella Brigade. Umbrella Brigade released their debut album, Ex Nihilo, in 2008. In 2010, Sterling made an appearance on Oddities which airs on the Discovery Channel.

Whitey Sterling (vocals)
Paul Boering (guitar)
R.X. Mauser (bass guitar)
Bryn Mars (drums)
Byron Lang (keyboards)
Poison Eve (emcee)
Donnie T. Tremors (drums) 1992-1993
Members:Bryn Mars, Paul Boring, R.X. Mauser, Whitey Sterling
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