The Marshall Tucker Band


The Marshall Tucker Band is an American Southern rock band from Spartanburg, South Carolina, formed in 1972.

Founding members; Doug Gray (2) (vocalist), George McCorkle (rhythm guitarist), Paul Riddle (drummer), Jerry Eubanks (flautist) and the brothers Toy Caldwell (lead guitar) and Tommy Caldwell (bassist and front man). Tommy replaced the original bassist Franklin Wilkie. They signed with Capricorn Records and released their first LP "The Marshall Tucker Band" in 1973.

While not an 'official member', Charlie Daniels also played fiddle on many of the band's early albums.

As of March 2009 the band still exist, with Doug Gray as the remaining founding member: guitarists; Chris Hicks, Stuart Swanlund and Ric Willis; bassist Pat Ellwood; drummer B.B. Borden; and Marcus Henderson on sax/flute/keyboards.
Marshall Tucker.
The man who inspired the Marshall Tucker Band's moniker died on 20 January 2023 at age 99. The Southern rock group was rehearsing in its early days and found a keychain with Tucker's name on it in an old warehouse in Spartanburg, S.C. In an interesting twist, Tucker was also a musician. "Marshall was blind since birth but amazingly could play the heck out of the piano," the band noted on social media. "He always said his talent was simply God-given. He tuned pianos in South Carolina for decades. We are thankful for Mr. Marshall Tucker and the life he lived." , Facebook , Instagram , X , Wikipedia
Members:B.B. Borden, Bobby Ogdin, Chris Hicks, David "Frankie" Toler, David Allen (26), David Muse, Don Cameron (5), Doug Gray (2), Franklin Wilkie, George McCorkle, Jerry Eubanks, Joe Wright (9), Marcus James Henderson, Paul Riddle, Ronnie Godfrey, Rusty Milner, Stuart Swanlund, Tim Lawter, Tommy Caldwell, Toy Caldwell




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