Jean Adebambo


Born; 1 July 1962 Islington, London, UK
Died; 15 January 2009 London, UK
An exceptional vocalist, prolific songwriter and multi-talented musician, playing instruments including piano, keyboards and guitar.
Many of Jean's hits including self- penned compositions on the 'Feelings' album such as popular track 'Paradise' (album version), 'Reaching For A Goal' (also released on the Third World label.On ADE J Music license now expired), 'Say That You Love Me' and many more.
The record label ADE J Music also known as ADE.J and ADE J Productions, to which Jean Adebambo was a signed artist, is owned by John D Lyken which he started in 1980. He is also executive producer and producer of all ADE J Music Recordings. He was Jean's agent and manager from 1980 to the mid 1990s.

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