DJ Panda

DJ Panda

Real Name:
Ermanno Mainardi
Italian melodic trance DJ and producer.

ERMANNO MAINARDI aka DJ PANDA DJ / Producer played Instrument: Keyboards Music Style: Techno - Trance - techouse - Progressive debuted as a deejay at the age 'of 18 years working in various clubs of the province of Bologna. In 1992 he arrives at the 'Cellophane' Rimini and other trendy discos ... Matis, Ecu, Gheodrome, menhirs. It presents on Radio Italian Network on 'Masterquick' program Attentive to the new extreme tendencies of the ever in 1992 Techno-Progressive decided to produce his first single 'On High' by The Kingdom of Heaven Feat. Dj Panda. With almost annual basis offers new jobs' The Light 'by Universe of the melody Feat. Dj Panda, and' also present in many foreign compilations. In October of 1994 presents its third work: 'It's a Dream' by World Inside The Music Feat. DJ Panda. The very soft reactions not portend big movements around the product that is parked for a long time in the distributors' depots. Then ... suddenly the awakening: begins to be programmed from the most 'important radio and gets fired in many foreign countries. It comes in seventh place in the Spanish sales charts, the twenty-first of the German one. In the spring he released RMX sung by ALEEXA: re-entry in the German charts. In July "The ultimated RMX", with two new versions, it is republished in Germany, Brazil, Poland, South Africa, Far East Asia. E '1995' Dreaming of fantasy ': the song gets considerable support in Germany where it reaches 14 instead of charts. In 1996 'My Dimension "immediately became a' floorfiller: enters the charts of 'Radio Deejay' and 'Italian Network' and comes in third place in sales top 20 ranking, while placing the 63 instead of the European Top 100 'Billboard 'and' entered in 18 compilations and it 'was fired in over 10 countries (France, Benelux, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Russia, Israel ......) released in 1997 single 'True Life', 1998 'Listen' and in 1999 'Paradise Motel'. Thanks to the success of the single, DJ Panda participates in '96 / '97 / '98 / '01, the 'Street Parade' in Zurich and editions '99 / '00 / '01 the 'Love Parade' of Berlin and to the 2001 / '02 / '03 / '04 of 'Street Rave Parade' of Bologna. After playing in all of Italy, and not only in the summer season 1999, and 'resident DJ at' Ecu of Rimini and works alongside guest DJs the likes of Jeff Mills, Dr.Motte, Commander Tom. He also continues to work as a freelance a bit 'everywhere, especially in the clubs of Veneto and Friuli. As resident DJ in the season 2001 / '02 and 'was to Fedexx, the old' Teatriz 'Lugo (Ra). Work in the new 'MP3' Conselice (Ra) where it proposes Techno-trance with the dj Moka, Gianni Parrini and Luca Antolini. While in subsequent seasons working as a freelance at Kristal (Bo), the J & J (Fe), Temple (Bo), currently at Cap Creus Imola. 2006 season Rough (Bo) - Lobby (Bo) and J & J (Fe).
2008/2009 J & J (Fe), Tek (Faenza), Let's Go (Bo). He continues to participate in various evenings and events such as: "Memorabilia tour, memorized and Time Machine"! The 2010/2011 season is born to the standard of collaborations with Synklab, well-known local Bologna where major events are held and international guests ! After various time returns with a remix for a dear friend Mr Brown aka Andrea Pellizzari who carried out the project Mr Brown for Haiti entitled Mr Brown is back in town!

Birth of a new project called "My Dimension Dj Panda World Trance" broadcast in web radio Inmyradio of ItaliaNetwork every hour for 10 minutes, the best Trance mixed by all the contemporary pianeta.In born a radio format called Trancelife, where houses collaborations from the likes of : Fabio Xb, Pedro del Mar, Andy Moor, Tucandeo and many more ....

In 2012 he participates as Super Guest DJ at the 19th birthday TUNNEL CLUB in Hamburg (Germany), collecting very great acclaim from the German public.

From 2013 to date, the return of great depth evenings! the PLASMAPHOBIA, the CIRCOPLASMA and MEMORY, with great skill by Massimo Delsoldato, Dj Panda
shares, the console with top international artists, such as: Nari & Milani, Vinai, Sebastien Leger, Tony Humphries ....

high interest evenings were made to Madame Butterfly Ferrara in the 2013/2014 season, where the new duo "Dj Panda & Ricci Jr." was consolidated, experiencing more and more success among the public. In console with them they took turns DJs like: Zatox, Technoboy, Tatanka ....

In 2014 comes the big return to an event that has a presence of over 4000 people, or C Remember Manhattan / or Disco Diamantik (TV)
Return investments to Cocorico in Riccione Memorabilia evening with the console mate Ricci Jr.!

In the season 2015, it founded an important collaboration with Mauro Tonello Radio Company, participating as a special guest to the big evenings of ENERGY 90, where Dj Panda know today as then inflame the public, where on occasion exceed 5,000 appearances! The same season, the 'Art Of Trance organizes with Giuseppe Ottaviani GO ON AIR links to Bologna. On that occasion Dj Panda participated in the event along with Ricci Jr in the History room, while the Main hall hosts: John O'Callaghan, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Manuel le Saux ....

Dj Panda participates in many oldschool evenings in Italian territory, such as Remember Cat & Lavolpe, menhirs and Teatriz with old colleagues always Cirillo, Gianni Parrini, Claudio Coccoluto, Massimino, Moka, Luca Antolini, Mbg .....
In addition, he committed as a resident DJ at the evening We are History of Cap Creus Imola, where he and Ricci Jr. share the console with Datura, Rexanthony, Sensoria and Saccoman ....
The couple Dj Panda & Ricci Jr. participates in the 2.0 Reload evening at Number One in Brescia, where he collects the ovation from the audience and the organization.

At the end of 2015 it was founded a project called Mystery Club Adventures. In the best of club music of the last 25 years!

Currently after having competed with RicciJr event of the year ie REMEMBER MANHATTAN (Treviso) who collected the beauty of 7000 participants, she has seen catapulted
AlbaProgressiva2 in that of Cuneo, Plasmaphobia Reggio Emilia, Teatriz Lugo Ra and currently
the summer season is taking place in Marina di Ravenna to MOLOTREZERO
Work in progress.......

DJ Panda Discography

Singles & EPs

OTA 693010 The Kingdom Of Heaven By D.J. Panda* The Kingdom Of Heaven By D.J. Panda* - On High(12") Outta Records OTA 693010 Italy 1993 Sell This Version
World Inside The Music - D.J. Panda* World Inside The Music - D.J. Panda* - It's A Dream (Maxi) Outta Records Italy 1994 Sell This Version
OTA 694011 Universe Of The Melody Feat. D.J. Panda* Universe Of The Melody Feat. D.J. Panda* - The Light(12") Outta Records OTA 694011 Italy 1994 Sell This Version
DJ Panda My Dimension (Maxi, Single) Outta Records Italy 1996 Sell This Version
DJ Panda Feat. Aleexa DJ Panda Feat. Aleexa - Dreaming Of Fantasy (Maxi) Lost Paradise Spain 1995 Sell This Version
DJ Panda Feat. Nadir DJ Panda Feat. Nadir - True Life (Maxi) Dance Paradise Germany 1997 Sell This Version
DJ Panda It's A Dream '98 (Maxi) Oxa (2) Germany 1998 Sell This Version
DJ Panda Listen (Part 1) (Maxi) Oxa (2) Italy 1998 Sell This Version
DJ Panda Paradise Motel Red Gate Records Italy 1999 Sell This Version