Geraldo Azevedo

Real Name:Geraldo Azevedo de Amorim

Geraldo Azevedo (Petrolina, 11 January 1945) is a Brazilian composer, singer and guitarist. Self-taught, at age 12 was playing guitar. He began his musical career when, at age 18, he moved to Recife to study, where he met Teca Calazans, singer, Naná Vasconcelos, percussion, Marcelo Melo and Toinho Alves that were part of the folk group "Construção", which he joined. In 1967, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he worked with singer Eliana Pittman. He founded Quarteto Livre that followed singer Geraldo Vandré in several presentations. The singer Eliana Pittman in 1968, recorded "Aquela Rosa", a Geraldo Azevedo composition. In the early 70's, formed double with Alceu Valença. With good performance in the Festival Universitário of TV Tupi with his compositions "78 Rotações" and "Planetário" the duo caught the attention of Copacabana Records label in 1972 and launched with Alceu Valença his first LP.
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