Swedish new wave/synth pop group, which was successful during the 1980s.

Ratata was formed by Mauro Scocco, Heinz Liljedahl, Anders Skog and Johan Kling in 1980. Their first single, released in 1981, is called "För varje dag" and is on the debut album Ratata, which also contains "Ögon av is". Before that, they had released the song "Ett plus ett" on a compilation cassette published by the magazine Schlager in the summer of 1981. The song was later also released on the compilation album "Guld" from 1987.

Ratata's live premiere took place on the television program Casablanca in early 1983. When the original set was almost dissolved, Scocco quickly had to gather other musicians and friends to fill the studio stage. In Casablanca, "Princess on a Fan" and "Night after Night" were played.
From 1983 the group was a duo consisting of Mauro Scocco and Johan Ekelund. They got big hits in the 1980s with the songs "Jackie", "I Dina Ögon", "Så Länge Vi Har Varann" (together with Anni-Frid Lyngstad), "Se Dig Inte Om", "Himlen" and "Glad Att Det Är Över ". In 1987, they went on the tour Rock Around the Kingdom with Eva Dahlgren and Roxette and Orup as a contempt.
Mauro Scocco released his first solo album in 1988 and Ratata split in 1989. Scocco and Ekelund made a temporary comeback as Ratata in 2002 with, among other things, the single "Honung". , Wikipedia
Members:Anders Skog, Heinz Liljedahl, Johan Ekelund, Johan Kling, Mauro Scocco
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