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Please DO NOT use this duo PRIOR to their start as a duo in 1989. For Jan Smit-related credits (2002-2013) please also use them as duo. For BZN-related credits (prior to 1989) please use both brothers SEPARATELY.

Tol & Tol is a pop duo, consisting of the brothers Cees Tol and Thomas Tol, from Volendam, The Netherlands.
At the beginning of 1990 they charted at #1 position for two weeks in the Dutch National Hit Parade with the number Eleni. It also became a hit abroad.

Cees and Thomas were part of the band BZN for a long time. Cees was even one of the founders in 1966. Thomas was part of the band since 1969 and was the main composer and in that capacity introduced the famous 'eelsound'. Titles such as Mon Amour, Sevilla, Pearlydumm, Just an illusion, Amore and If I say the words all reached the upper reaches of the Dutch charts. Thomas Tol composed a total of 24 BZN hits, of which 18 reached the top 10. Mon Amour (1976) was good for the first place of the Top 40 and the National Hit Parade. Pearlydumm (1980) was only number one in the Top 40.

In 1988 Cees and Thomas stepped out of BZN shortly after each other to continue as a duo. Their first album, with their Greek-language no.1 hit in the National Hit Parade Eleni was a great success. Hereafter followed was the hit Sedalia and a series of in total five albums that all achieved the Album Top 100.

They were also popular abroad, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and South Africa. From the beginning their niece Corina Vamvakari is their regular singer. Backing vocals and choirs were done by Corina, her sister Gella Vamvakari and their mother (sister of Cees and Thomas) Marie Tol/Maria Vamvakari, trio name The Thesalonikis

Since 2002, Tol & Tol have been the producers of all Jan Smit's CDs. Cees and Thomas were also members of Bzn '66. In 2013 Cees Tol left the showbiz after a cerebral infarction. Cees Tol died on April 13, 2018 at the age of 70 at the hospital due to the consequences of sudden pneumonia.

Members:Cees Tol, Thomas Tol
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