Berlin BlondesCompositions & Recordings

The Berlin Blondes were a minimalist synth/electronic band who formed in
Glasgow in 1979. The original lineup was Steven Bonomi (vocals), Robert
Farrell (guitar, synth), Jim Spender (Keys, Synth), and David Rudden (bass).
The use of a drum machine contributed to their electro minimalist sound.

The band were signed to EMI in 1980; however, Rudden left the band at this
time and went on to form Endgames. His replacement was Nick Clark from the
The Cuban Heels. Shortly after, Spender also left the band to join Altered Images. In
1980, the Berlin Blondes released two singles for EMI, 'Science'/'Mannequin'
and 'Framework'/'Zero Song', and one album, 'Berlin Blondes'. The band then
signed to Scratch Records (UK) (2) and released only one single 'Marseille'/The Poet' in