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Oscar Mulero
Oscar Mulero was born in Madrid, and is a techno DJ and producer. Mulero started DJing in 1988, and was the first Spanish DJ to become part of the Members Of Mayday. He established The Omen Club in Madrid in the early 90s.

Mulero also uses the alias Doctor Smoke for his Drum 'n' Bass sessions, and owns the labels Warm Up Recordings and Pole Recordings.

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WU26LP Oscar Mulero - Grey Fades To Green album art Oscar Mulero Grey Fades To Green (Album) Warm Up Recordings WU26LP Spain 2011 Sell This Version
WU031 Oscar Mulero - Black Propaganda album art Oscar Mulero Black Propaganda (Album) Warm Up Recordings WU031 Spain 2012 Sell This Version
DU20 Oscar Mulero - Biosfera album art Oscar Mulero Biosfera (Album) Detroit Underground DU20 US 2013 Sell This Version
POLEGROUP031LP Oscar Mulero - Muscle And Mind album art Oscar Mulero Muscle And Mind (Album) Pole Recordings POLEGROUP031LP Spain 2015 Sell This Version
SEMANTICA 70CD Oscar Mulero - Perfect Peace album art Oscar Mulero Perfect Peace (Album) Semantica Records SEMANTICA 70CD Spain 2018 Sell This Version
SEMANTICA 114 Oscar Mulero - The Beauty of Leaving a Legacy album art Oscar Mulero The Beauty of Leaving a Legacy (Album) Semantica Records SEMANTICA 114 Spain 2019 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

KOB018 Oscar Mulero - Bandulero album art Oscar Mulero Bandulero Kobayashi Recordings KOB018 France 2000 Sell This Version
WU002 Oscar Mulero - Sans Souci EP album art Oscar Mulero Sans Souci EP(12", EP) Warm Up Recordings WU002 Spain 2000 Sell This Version
WU003 Oscar Mulero - Floodland EP album art Oscar Mulero Floodland EP (EP) Warm Up Recordings WU003 Spain 2001 Sell This Version
TSU002 Oscar Mulero - Offshore album art Christian Wünsch & Oscar Mulero Christian Wünsch & Oscar Mulero - Offshore Tsunami Records TSU002 Spain 2001 Sell This Version
CR007 Oscar Mulero - Altered State EP album art Oscar Mulero Altered State EP (EP) Coda Records CR007 UK 2002 Sell This Version
WU 004 Oscar Mulero - Learning To Be A Machine album art Oscar Mulero Learning To Be A Machine Warm Up Recordings WU 004 Spain 2002 Sell This Version
SH030 Oscar Mulero - Unexpected album art Christian Wünsch / Oscar Mulero Christian Wünsch / Oscar Mulero - Unexpected (EP) Sheep Records SH030 UK 2002 Sell This Version
theory 15, theory.15 Oscar Mulero - In Bad Company album art Oscar Mulero In Bad Company Theory Recordings, Theory Recordings theory 15, theory.15 UK 2002 Sell This Version
WU006 Oscar Mulero - CV. Is Dead... album art Oscar Mulero CV. Is Dead... Warm Up Recordings WU006 Spain 2002 Sell This Version
TR013.2 Oscar Mulero - Oblivion / Anaconda album art Ben Sims / Oscar Mulero Ben Sims / Oscar Mulero - Oblivion / Anaconda(12", Ltd) Theory Recordings TR013.2 UK 2002 Sell This Version
WU009 Oscar Mulero - The Nine album art Oscar Mulero The Nine Warm Up Recordings WU009 Spain 2003 Sell This Version
theory 26 Oscar Mulero - Anaconda, The Remixes album art Oscar Mulero Anaconda, The Remixes Theory Recordings theory 26 UK 2004 Sell This Version
WU012 Oscar Mulero - Art & Strategy album art Oscar Mulero & Go Hiyama Oscar Mulero & Go Hiyama - Art & Strategy (EP) Warm Up Recordings WU012 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
SF018 Oscar Mulero - El Hombre Duplicado album art Oscar Mulero El Hombre Duplicado Surface SF018 UK 2004 Sell This Version
PO 2 Oscar Mulero - Primary Instincts album art Oscar Mulero Primary Instincts (EP) Pole Recordings PO 2 UK 2004 Sell This Version
PO 1 Oscar Mulero - The Damage Done album art Christian Wünsch & Oscar Mulero Christian Wünsch & Oscar Mulero - The Damage Done (EP) Pole Recordings PO 1 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
TSU010 Oscar Mulero - The Damage Done Part 2 album art Oscar Mulero & Christian Wünsch Oscar Mulero & Christian Wünsch - The Damage Done Part 2 Tsunami Records TSU010 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
MO.07 Oscar Mulero - Down Force EP album art Oscar Mulero Down Force EP(12") Mainout MO.07 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
P03, POLE 3 Oscar Mulero - El Silencio Habla / Fully Sanctioned album art Christian Wünsch / Oscar Mulero Christian Wünsch / Oscar Mulero - El Silencio Habla / Fully Sanctioned (EP) Pole Recordings P03, POLE 3 UK 2005 Sell This Version

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February 14, 2021
Mulero has been playing at the best level for 30 years.
Skilled and gifted like no other. Pure control and mastery. Eq abilities and the ability to understand how to layer tracks to create a vibe that is so different from what you hear normally.
He can switch sounds in matter of seconds and change the overall atmosphere in a club like no one else can.
Oscar is to be putted in another category of Djs. He is not just skilled, he is so hard working. Just pure world class professionalism.Things you don´t see anymore.
One of the biggest techno Djs of all-time, in my opinion when we will look back in 20 years he will be remembered as probably the best of all time. If given a stage to play all night long you will know why.
Would have loved to see hear him play that closing at Berghain a few years back. He has probably written history.
And this is no stupid fan boy review.
You just have to give credit when it is due. He just stands the test of time. So many djs who are hyped nowadays and who will be forgotten in a matter of a few years.
Oscar will never be forgotten. As i said before, he plays in another league. Pure world class.



March 17, 2020
Why are there so many references to The Sisters Of Mercy in the titles of his early 12" : Floodland, Oblivion, Anaconda, The Damage Done ?


November 17, 2011
|Official 2011 bio - ENG|
The mid-eighties, Madrid. The Spanish capital is teeming under the grip of a musical explosion the likes of which has never been seen before. In the midst of that rabid swirl, a teenager, unknown and unassuming, enters a record shop to blow his savings on an album, Standing on a Beach, by The Cure. Little did he know that this was to be his first step on the long and difficult path to becoming one of the country’s essential djs.
He soon became a familiar face in the dj booths of the most exclusive underground clubs of Madrid, but the best was still to come and the first chapter was called New World, his first “proper” job.

New World sessions were soon all the rave and Oscar entered the studio for the first time to collaborate in the making of the club’s official record, Nuclear Zone. His was a backseat involvement, more as a sound advisor than as a producer. It wasn’t until later on that producing and deejaying became his livelihood. The record went on sale in 1993 and was quite a success, going on to get included in many of the national compilations of the time.
The New World experience finally came to an end. But it allowed for the birth of THE OMEN, which for many was the ultimate club. The Omen was so successful it quickly became a tourist attraction, with clubbers from all over the country coming to Madrid every weekend to enjoy Oscar’s sessions. This led to a change in his career. He gradually moved away from being an important resident dj to a travelling one. He started to travel regularly, taking the Omen sound all over the peninsula. Firstly to the north, and then gradually, to all four corners of the country. It was the beginning of Oscar’s intimate relationship with airports and the road.

And so to the year 1996 and the third Sonar, a festival which had by then become established as one of the most important in the world. For the first time, the name of Oscar Mulero appeared among the list of national invitees, alongside others of his generation such as The Frogmen, HD Substance or Resonic. Sonar 96 served to officially confirm a whole new scene that had until then been in an embryonic state, but which was now being taken seriously for the first time and coming to be viewed as the seed of something solid. At Sonar 1996, Oscar held his own against stars of the stature of Richie Hawtin, Garnier and Mills.
Outside Spain, people started talking about his unique technique and musical selection. Another mission accomplished. And so on to the next phase…
There was life after Sonar. The kind of recognition and support he gained as a result of his successes brought even more work, more travel and more big festivals, such as the Members of Mayday Festival, and culminated in 1998 in his first Session CD (the first CD of its type to be released in our country) entitled About Discipline and Education, released by the Catalan label So Dens, which was at the time closely linked to the organisers of Sonar. The musical selection was, for the time, very advanced and ground-breaking. A blend of the best of the dry, industrious sound of Birmingham, courtesy of people like Regis or Surgeon, and the best US sounds of the era, represented by the likes of Jeff Mills and Joey Beltram. The CD was an huge hit. One of the biggest-selling electronic music CDs in the country ever.

Already a well known name on the underground circuit among the most faithful clubbers, Oscar Mulero now started to appear in media headlines in the specialised and general press alike. Thanks to him, the DJ was now a figure taken seriously by the media who had until then viewed them as just another of the many night works. As he had done so on many previous occasions, Oscar was again opening up doors and blazing trails… 
His second work was released in 1999. It was done with GROOF, an experienced producer from Madrid. The two formed the duo Quite Unusual, on the GROOF label Brainwaves. They were well received by critics and also enjoyed good sales. His first release with an international label came in 2000 on the French label Kobayashi. It was his first away match and first away victory!

That very year saw the birth of Warm Up and a couple of years later, its offspring PoleGroup. From then on, all Oscar’s efforts were focused on releasing his own material, whether home or away, on the very best techno labels of the planet, such as Coda, Pure Plastic, Tresor, Sheep, Tsunami and Main Out. That put him definitively on the world techno map. Between 2000 and 2002 he released no fewer than 9 EPs, which lead to a contract with one of the biggest dj booking agencies of the time, Dynamix Booking from Berlin, an agency that also represents some of the best techno artists of the world. From then on, Oscar was seen and heard in clubs and festivals from all over the world, more and more often.
In 2003 he released A Occhi Chiusi on the Pure Plastic label, under the name of TROLLEY ROUTE. This was a totally mental electronic work that was also easy to dance to. That album ended a cycle and confirmed his maturity as a producer.

Since then, he has continued his relentless work producing and remixing with the very best techno labels the world over, and he hasn’t stopped appearing on the electronic stage everywhere. Dr. Smoke, his alter ego, gained strength during this period as a showcase of Oscar’s open and eclectic vision as a music selector, leaving techno aside and moving deep into territories such as electro, dub and IDM.
During 2008 Oscar significantly expanded his work map. Visiting the Movement festival in Detroit, China and Japan, he has left his mark on almost every continent.
During 2009, his international presence included forays into countries as exotic (from a techno point of view) as China. As for studio work, that same year saw the digital release of the Trolley Route album, the making of a CD mix for the prestigious Tresor Records label and the creation of the Selección Natural collective together with Exium, Reeko and Christian Wünsch.

Following a memorable anniversary party at Fabrik, Madrid, that was a huge success with the crowds and celebrated his twenty years as a dj, we see the end of one era and the beginning of a new one. From then on he is open to the use of new technologies and new projects, such as the PoleGroup platform, which picks up the thread from Selección Natural and gathers the best of the national techno scene under one banner.

Early 2011 will see the release of his first LP as Oscar Mulero, Grey Fades to Green. A double CD also released as a 4 vinyl set which will bear testimony to Oscar’s maturity and consolidation as one of the most important electronic music producers worldwide.


January 26, 2005
edited over 17 years ago
Without a shadow of a doubt Oscar Mulero is the best spanish Dj.
He stands for a very important part of the spanish techno-electronic music history, since the acid house to the actual sound, he have always been there, in the first line, and now, even in the first international line due to his productions; but since many years ago he have been well known by his eq-skills and astonishing sessions.
We can talk about him like "more than a Dj", a charismatic figure followed by lots of people, a reference.


December 2, 2004
edited over 17 years ago
Oscar Mulero has excellent djing abilities: his eq-abilities flow and blend tracks within themselves. More importantly his productions are some of my all-time favorites. His sounds are dark and foreboding. His productions create environments that are introspective, thoughful and serious. There is no pop, glam or hype in his work. His drum patterns are a trademark to his sound. I felt that much of his early work was similar to Surgeon, but within the past 2 years Oscar has risen to become one of techno's gifted artists. Do not pass up any opportunity to see this man live and/or accquire his vinyl...you will not be disappointed, and if you are, you deserve to be.


April 2, 2003
One of the most important dj and producer of Spain.His preferences for the hard techno and his astonishing,never- decaying sessions made him an important referrence to the techno scene

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