R. Wagner

R. Wagner

Real Name:
Robin Wagner
Dutch Hardcore Techno producer.
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Dom rec. 001 R. Wagner Beyond The Ultimate E.P.(12", EP) Dom Records Dom rec. 001 Netherlands 1993 Sell This Version
DOM 004 R.Wagner* My Dominion(12") Dom Records DOM 004 Netherlands 1994 Sell This Version
DOM-009, DOM009 R.Wagner* The Powerjam(12") Dom Records, Dom Records DOM-009, DOM009 Netherlands 1996 Sell This Version
Dom 10116, DOM 1-011-6 R. Wagner This Is Madness(12") Dom Records, Dom Records Dom 10116, DOM 1-011-6 Netherlands 1996 Sell This Version

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March 19, 2017
Some fact's about Robin Wagner:

He had / has red hair and an tail.

During 92/93 he was in conscription where he met Milan Herzet (50% of Cybernators from Ruffneck).
Milan (who made an record for Brutal Recordings) was very impressed by Robin's way of making melody's and for this reason he tried to get him too Ruffneck... Robin refused an stayed at DOM.

Around 1996 they lost contact and it's unknown what happened to Robin after he stopped producing...

I'm still trying to get in contact with him (I contacted between 7 people and i'm getting closer) I talked with Jordens, Flamman, Spirtual Child, Milan, Semzer, the boss of DOM Records, G-Town Madness... but some didn't wanna help other where wondering what happed...

I will keep searching after 3 years i'm getting closer & closer! -Lars Poulussen-


November 30, 2016
Unbelievable that there are only 3 tracks which got a proper CD release.


June 21, 2016
If there is any DJ that brought us a true style of his own it will be R. Wagner. He didn't release much (also under the alias: DJ Chaser / Ministsr Wagner) but his releases always make me happy because:
There is always a more happy & dark themed tune.
And always a style that i (as of 21-06-16) have not found at other DJ's / Act's.

Every 12" he made is 6 outta 5 because there is only 1 track I don't like of him. (Yes 6 outta 5)
His tracks where always full of high BPM's and a nice melody!
He never followed the crowd he just made whatever he liked. What in my opinion is good!

It's sad not many people know him (same for DOM Rec.) He also never seem to do any live preformance, this is maybe a good thing because his style should belong to him & him only.
I always hope I can meet him one day because i'm his youngest fan (16 as of today).
I wonder how he was then and where he is now...

Now about his tracks as: R. Wagner
The tracks:
-Listen Carefully (Eclypse)
-Final Revolution
-Symphony Of W.
-The Powerjam
-Zone Of Disaster
-In Sadness And In Hell
-Dominion 97' (Remix for Used & Abused)
Are the tracks that always make me feel great even when I'm sad...

The same for his alias: DJ Chaser
-As You Command
-Just Play
-99.9 (SHZ Mix) as Minister Wagner
These are some of his best track in my opinion.

Finally DOM Records,
Started in 1993 (I think in the end of 93')
My number 1 Label not because it was mostly Robin's (R. Wagner) home for releases.
It always had crazy, original artwork (004 being my favorite) and opened the door for some artist who made great releases (nothing in comparison to Robin) but G-Town Madnesz, Semzer made this a class label. Also it was Utrecht's first gabber/hardcore label I Think. The Jee-Beat Base label was started by Semzer and featured similar artwork but didn't manage to compete in class lf sound. It is sad it had not many releases but damn.... they are all great!

Now I will stop here,
Peace to all Fans of DOM/R. Wagner!

If R. Wagner reads this could you please get in contact with me?
I really have some quetions only he can help me with. Hopefully we meet some day.....

He is and always will be my Number 1 artist!

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