Alexander Sushkov

Real Name:
Александр Михайлович Сушков
Alexander Sushkov - Great balalaika player, virtuose soloist

1945 – Alexander Sushkov started to play domra initially. He was a member of Folk Instruments Children Orchestra directed by talented musician and good teacher Georgiy Avanesov in Lugansk (former Voroshilovgrad).
1948 – Take first place in ukrainian contest in Kyiv as a domra soloist. Started to play balalaika that time and makes it the main music instrument.
1954 – Takes first place as balalaika soloist in national contest of amateur musicians. By recommendations of jury in June 1954 he entered Kharkiv State Conservatoire in class of balalaika but it was impossible to start learning that year. At the same time Alexander Sushkov is successfully have been finished study at Kharkiv Engeneer Institute with the specialty “Industrial and Civil Constructing”
1956-1959 – Playing balalaika in Soviet Army Orchestra groups
1957 – Laureate of World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow being a member of Voroshilovgrad Folk Instruments Orchestra directed by G. Avanesov
1966, 1967, 1970, 1972 – Laureate of National Music Contests
1975 – Winner of Ukrainian Professional Folk Contest. Being constructing engineer, Alexander Sushkov have been working in many constructing objects in Donbass and Baikal-Amur Railway
1977 – State company “Melodia” makes LP with concert programme of Alexander Sushkov
1987 – After constructing career was finished, he started to work in Music School as a teacher. At the same time he continues to study in Music Institute. He started to form “Balalaika” ensemble.
In last years, Alexander Sushkov and his “Balalaika” ensemble made several CDs with folk, classical and contemporary music.

Alexander Sushkov Discography Tracks


С20 08813-14 Alexander Sushkov - Russian Balalaika / Русская Балалайка album art Александр Сушков* Russian Balalaika / Русская Балалайка(LP, Album, Ltd) Мелодия С20 08813-14 USSR 1980 Sell This Version

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