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Experimental project Margate, Kent. Formed in 1984 by Dave Kirby and Robert Maycock under name Psychopath (3). In 1987 changed name to Satori.
After Maycock's departure in late 1993, Justin Mitchell joined in early 1994. Satori disbanded in 1996.
A decade later Justin Mitchell (who wasn't original member) resurrected the project in 2006 with Neil Chaney (Pessary). Satori toured Japan with fellow Brits Sutcliffe Jugend in April 2007.

Dogma Chase (JP) released the LP version of 'Kanashibari' in spring 2008, followed by the CD version on Cold Spring in November 2008.

Satori joined forces with Magus Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest Of The Church Of Satan for their latest album 'Contemptus Mundi'.

In 2008 the band embarked on a UK tour with Nadja and Atavist, the split cd 'Infernal Procession... And Then Everything Dies' was released to coincide with the tour.

The band has also performed live throughout Europe, including appearances at the German festivals 'Tonwellen Konferenz 2009' and 'Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2010'.
The performance in Salzburg, Austria, was later released as 'Live At The Cave / Salzburg 10.10.2008' by Steinklang Industries.

2014 saw founding member Dave Kirby return and, now as a solo project, release "The sudden realisation that all is lost" a 3"CD on Reverse Records UK.

Years active: 1984-1987 (as Psychopath (3)), 1987-1996, 2006-2010, 2014-present

Current lineup:
Dave Kirby (1987-1996, 2014-present)

Former members:
Robert Maycock (1987-1993)
Justin Mitchell (1994-1996, 2006-2010)
Neil Chaney (2006-2010)

Sites:Facebook , , Bandcamp
Aliases:Psychopath (3)
Members:Dave Kirby, Justin Mitchell, Neil Chaney, Robert Maycock
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