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Formed in 1964 in Watts, California, U.S. based in Los Angeles, The original members were the texan twin brothers Wallace Scott and Walter Scott plus Gordy Harmon, Marcus Hutson and Nicholas Caldwell. In 1973 Gordy Harmon injured his larynx in a driving accident and was replaced by Leaveil Degree. Marcus Hutson left the group in 1992 due to his illness (prostate cancer). After his death in 2000 the group vowed to never replace him and since then they perform as a quartet. The group is active more than 50 years and has released 25 albums. They have recorded mainly for the labels Dore (1965 - 1967), Soul Clock (1968 - 1970), Roker Records (1971) Janus Records (1971- 1974), Soul Train (1976 - 1977), Solar (1978 - 1990), Capitol Records (1990 - 1995), Interscope (1997) and Kingdom (2006 - 2009). They were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2003 and in 2014 in the R&B Music Hall of Fame. They have scored 49 hit singles in the R'n'B chart, the biggest of which are their two No.1's, 1978's "And The Beat Goes On" and 1987's "Rock Steady" plus 1970's "Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong" (No.6 R'n'B charts) their 1977 cover of Bread "Make It With You" (No.10 R'n'B charts), 1979's "Lady", (No.3 R'n'B charts), 1980's "It's A Love Thing" (No.2, R'n'B charts), 1982's "In The Raw" (No.8 R'n'B charts), 1983's "Tonight" (No.4, R'n'B charts), 1983's "Keep On Lovin' Me" (No.4, R'n'B charts), 1990's "Innocent" (No.3, R'n'B charts), 1990's "My Heart Your Heart" (No.4, R'n'B charts), 1991's "Is It Good To You". They have performed their tribute to Donny Hathaway, the Carrie Lucas-penned "A Song For Donny" (1978) and has covered Barbara Lewis' classic "Hello Stranger" along with Carrie Lucas in 1985. They have performed as well the cover of Russ Freeman (2) and The Rippingtons on "The Caravan Of Love" along with Phil Perry (2) in 1996. In 1997 they had their last hit single with Babyface's "My My My" (originally a hit for Johnny Gill in 1990) out of their album "Song Book Volume One" in which they performed songs written by Babyface. They have contributed vocals in releases of Pattie Brooks (1977), Carrie Lucas (1980), Collage (3) (1981), Gary Taylor (1988, 2006), Phil Perry (2) (1998). , , MySpace , Wikipedia , Who Sampled , Imdb
Members:Gordy Harmon, Grady Wilkins, Leaveil Degree, Marcus Hutson, Melvin Coleman (2), Nicholas Caldwell, Wallace Scott, Walter Scott
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