Taller De Música

Taller De Música

"Taller De Música" is a native-based music project trio integrated by Ecuatorian musicians in their main line-up are Diego Luzuriaga, Ataulfo Tobar and Juan Mullo. They makes some arrangements taken from AfroEcuatorian and Andean musical roots.


He was born in 1955 in Loja, in the South of the Ecuador, and is the number eleven of a family of twelve children. Studied in Paris at the École Normale of Musique, also in the Manhattan School of Music and in the Columbia University of New York. His principal teachers have been Gerardo Guevara, Yoshihisa Taira, and Mesias Maiguashca.

In Ecuador, between 1977 and 1983, Luzuriaga did research, experimentation, interpretation and recording of folk music of the Andes and Latin America with the group "Taller De Musica" (In English means "Music workshop").

He has received commissions from groups and international orchestras as the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, the Ensemble Intercontemporain and the Ensemble Itinéraire of Paris, the Ensemble Pro music Nipponia Ensemble Nishikawa of Japan, the Nieuw Ensemble of Amsterdam, Ensemble Aventure of Freiburg, the Symphony Orchestra of Ecuador, of the duo Robert Aiken and Aurèle Nicolet, the Quintet of the Americas from New York , among others.

Has taught composition at the University of Brasilia and in the Unidersidad of Columbia's New York.

He has received several international awards, including the Guggenheim Fellowship in 1993. His music is regularly performed in numerous international events. One of his recording "Eleven songs" launched by the soprano Dana Hanchard in New York has received excellent media reviews. His opera "Manuela and Bolivar", which was commissioned and premiered by the Teatro Sucre in Quito, Ecuador in November 2006 was a resounding success is being represented in different cities of Ecuador with great success.


The musician and composer Ataulfo Tobar has been one of the more prolific. Author of well known songs such as "The outlaws" (Los Forajidos), song that form part of the Ecuadorian political history, having already member of the grouping "Jatari" next with Diego Luzuriaga.


Born in Quito - Ecuador on 27 December 1956. Researcher and composer. Their initial studies performed them at the National Conservatory of music Quito, between 1972-1974.

Later took private lessons in classical guitar with the teacher Emilio Lara, Jacinto Freire and Terry Pazmiño. Founder of the Group of popular music "Taller De Musica" (In English means "Music workshop") since 1978, with which he recorded three long-playing records, with his own compositions and traditional music compilations. He participated along with several researchers in the development of the Ecuador side in the dictionary of Spanish and Spanish-American (Madrid-Spain) music, and in the production of two compact discs ' Music from Ecuador' on the music traditional Ecuadorian international, published in Stockholm-Sweden.

He has directed ethnomusicological research projects at various cultural institutions and taught seminars relating to the implementation of the Ecuadorian traditional music in contemporary music. He has written some tests such as: introduction to the thought of Ecuadorian Andean music (1989); The application of music of oral tradition to the contemporary (for the Museum of Cotacachi, 1990) music; Music cultures of the Carchi (1991); The rock in Quito (for Cultural dissemination of the Central Bank, 1992), and others.

His major compositions include: study of three Ecuadorian dances and a corridor (suite), for guitar, released in 1985 by Terry Pazmiño in the city of Trujillo (Peru); Abya-yala (1986), for guitar; ADITION I (1987), for two guitars; Dance Cohangue (1986); I'm here, on a traditional topic of pump ' (1987); Don Eloy, music for documentary film about; Chacon wonder, music for the film of the same title; Sonata for trio-jazz; Afrodanzante (1991); Mouth of the Bua (1993); In vitro (1993); Three preludes Ecuadorian (1993); Galindo and couplet (Andean structures, 1994). etc.

He has participated as a columnist for the magazines musical Gazette and Opus of the Central Bank of Ecuador. In 1990, he made a video documentary on the life of an elderly musician of Cotacachi and participates in the direction of the research project "The music of oral tradition and their application in contemporary music". A valuable contribution of Juan Mullo in the field of education, is the Foundation of a diploma of ethnomusicology in the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador.


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