Barry Grint

Real Name:Barry Grint

UK engineer for mastering and lacquer cut and founder of Alchemy Mastering.
He started his career in 1984 at Trident Studios (which became Audio One in 1985).
From 1988 onwards he worked for Tape One as Senior Mastering Engineer, working in the world's first all digital vinyl mastering room.
When Tape One closed in 1991, Barry briefly joined Abbey Road Studios.
In 1992, he joined Porky's Mastering and then worked as freelancer.
After a brief intermezzo as a radio presenter, he decided to start his own studio Alchemy Mastering in 1996, also doing occasional masterings at Tape To Tape.
He can be identified by Bazza in the runout grooves, usually in combination with the studio (Trident, Audio One, Tape One, etc.)
Aliases:The Wizzard (7)
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