DJ Praying Mantis

Real Name:Brad Smith

Brad Smith has been playing electronic music for 18 years and is the owner of the underground label, Crescent Records.

Brad started his career in the underground Acid House and hardcore scene in 1990 at WBUL in Tampa. In 1992, Brad began his club DJing career at the infamous "Rave-O-Ween" in Tampa, Florida.

In 1998, Brad, under his moniker, DJ Praying Mantis alongside with DJ Dread started the Stateside collective Drum N Bass crew. In 2000, Brad started his mash-up/remix label, Mr. Smith's DJ Tools, with partner DJ Spice (from Friction and Spice).

In 2006, Brad returned to producing house music and started releasing tracks under the aliases Mantis, Osiris and R. Gonzalez. , MySpace
Aliases:DJ Brad Smith, Mr. Smith, Osiris (12), Primitive Of The Lost Tribe, R. Gonzalez (2), Sleven
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