Paranoid Visions


Paranoid Visions were Dublin's contribution to the early 80s second wave of punk. They split up in 1992 after considerable success, reformed briefly in 1996 and again in 2001, and then permanently in 2005. The band began an alliance with Steve Ignorant (Crass) in 2012, with a single track on Escape From The Austerity Complex, which developed further into two albums (When . . . ?, Now And Then...!), two singles (Rock & Roll & Revolution, If Ignorance Is Bliss EP), an EP (The Height Of Ignorance), a live album (1977220174U ), and regular live performances.

Sites:MySpace , Bandcamp , Facebook
Aliases:Dismal Abysmals
Members:Aisling Meath, Aoife Destruction, Brayo, Dan D. Lion, Declan Caffrey, Deko Dachau, Graham Heenan, Joe Libido, Kevorkian (4), P.A. Jesu, Paul O'Tician, Sarah Bellum, Skinny (6), Steo (3), The Master Switch




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