Blaise Railey

Blaise Railey

Real Name:Blaise Hillock Katterjohn Railey

Blaise Hillock Katterjohn Railey (f.k.a Desktop) is a DC-born, LA-based songwriter, rapper and producer. He first blew up through his collaborations with producer Imad Royal.

From 2014 – 2018, Blaise would release music under various different names and be part of various different projects, such as Good Luck Have Fun and Moving Castle.

Throughout this time, Blaise would begin to get various writing placements with his LA friends. In 2018, Blaise abruptly stopped releasing music to do songwriting full time. Since then he’s signed with Electric Feel and Universal Music Group and worked with artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Bankrol Hayden, BTS & Jasiah. He's recently been a large part in developing Karri.

Aliases:Desktop (2)
In Groups:Good Luck Have Fun


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