Prljavi Inspektor Blaža I Kljunovi

Real Name:
Igor Blažević, Aleksandar Karadžić, Vojin Đurašinović, Saša Babić, Ljubinko Tomanović
Prljavi Inspektor Blaža I Kljunovi, were formed on 12th November 1993. that same date was their first concert which was held at SKC. The line-up of that concert was Arigo Saki on guitar, Deki iz Novog Sada on bass, Voja on drums & Blaža as a singer. Gazda Milutin joined the group as guitarist later, he played with Blaža as a duo before the Prljavi Inspektor Blaža I Kljunovi was formed.
In the beginning the band played many Belgrade clubs (KST, SKC, Akademija) and very soon theye become an attraction because of Blaža's stage antics and their comedy rock.
Their first cd album 'Plagijati I Obrade' spawned hits like Dule Savić, Da Bog Da Crk'o r'n'r, Čekala sam etc.
After the long and hard tour of 'Plagijati I Obrade', Gazda Milutin leaves the band and retires from music. Sale Šofer becomes the bands new guitar player.
Their mainstream breakthrough came with 'Lepa Si Pamela' song from 'Seks, Droga I Bodiroga' album, and soon after that they became one of the most popular domestic rock groups.
In 2000. on of their live concerts at SKC will be remembered while performing song Dule Savić, he joined them on stage as a special guest.
They covered Proud Merry from Creedens, in their version it's named 'Mnogo Volim Pivo', since then they've playedbecome the traditional artists at every 'Belgrade Beer Festival' & Zrenjanin's 'Dani Piva Festival'.
Deki Iz Novog Sada leaves the band before the release of the album 'Pare Ne Vraćamo' and Bale (ex-Oktobar 1864, Braća Left) becomes the new bass player.

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