Real Name:
Rainer Thomas Jobs
Real name / Rainer Thomas Jobs
Moniker(s) / Area51 Accoustic

tooltech is a techno producer, dj and live-act from southwest germany (saar-pfalz-area)

he is part of the nightgen producer and dj team (based: brisbane, australia) and nightbeats-booking (bremen, germany).
2006 he started his own label tooltechrecords (tt-rec) where he releases minimal and techno productions from unknown talents and special guests.
his own tracks and mixes were released on many labels based in europe.
his style is minimal, detroit and tribal techno based but through the years he created his own ways and structures to combine things from different styles.
but dj´ing wasnt enough anymore. he wanted more possabilities to manipulate sounds.
so he started to create livesets. after collecting some experience he combined that with dj´ing.
today he works permanent on his live + dj sets. including new ideas and checking more combinations.. never satisfied but allways in search of the best result.
his radioshow tooltime (pres by beat-boutique) runs every second thursday on mtH.electro at one of the biggest radio stations in germany (more info: http// )

he collected a big knowledge through the years and he is a active moderator in several internet communities where he shares his tips and tricks to newcomer artists.

release history

[ tooltech releases ] history

mmb tunes - moralis remix ep - incl. tooltech remix
foem album releases - several tracks
dungeon killer 005 - "tooltech - ghost ep" (3 tracks)
neubau records - release 010 - "tooltech - stadt ep" 6 track ep
neubau records - release 013 - incl. "tooltech - sonnenaufgang"
rumpfunk records - release 008 - "tooltech - weird tribe ep"
rumpfunk records - release 014 - incl "tooltech - space station"
pipapo records - releases 001-006 - several tracks
mixotic label - release 069 - aciendo showcase mixed by tooltech
op3n mixtape netlabel - release 017 - tooltech - digital nature
loopzilla mixtape nebetlal - release 015 - "recharge your batteries" mixed by tooltech
loopzilla mixtape netlabel - release 023 - "connected with aliens" mixed by tooltech
loopzilla mixtape netlabel - release 040 - "unfoundsound label showcase 01" mixed by tooltech
loopzilla mixtape netlabel - release 063 - "netaudio groove selection" mixed by tooltech
poundingtechno fingerprints - edition 015 - mixed by tooltech
labor51 recordings - release 001 - "tooltech - feldforschung ep" (5 live cuts)
labor51 recordings - release 003 - "aka area51 accoustic - a track and a remix" v.a. 13 (thirteen)
labor51 recordings - release 006 - "frequenzkiller - fm disaster ep" incl. tooltech remix
labor51 recordings - release 007 - "tyza - be my girl remix ep" incl. tooltech remix
tooltech records - release 001 - "tooltech - unterholz ep"
tooltech records - release 001.5 "tooltech - joshua ep"
tooltechrecords mix series - editions 001-011 - netaudio mixes - minimal to techno
tooltechrecords special mixes - editions 001-005 - tribute mixes.
subindustries plusm!nus - release 006 - incl. tooltech - i had no time to say goodbye *to my mum*1962- 2007
alquimia netlabel - release 005 - john lagora pres. tooltimeFM EP incl a track from each ttFM resident
tisch records - sublabel sinuswelle 003 - tooltech - weird tribe ep - 4 tracks
royal red records / stereo tribe records - release 002 - v.a. minisection ep incl. tooltech - neverending (xl club cut)
rumpfunk records - release 017 - john lagora pres. tooltimeFM EP incl a track from each ttFM resident
subindustries plusm!nus 017 - v.a. lp - incl. tooltech - take over
labor 51 011 - various artists part 01 - we killed santa clause
labor 51 012 - various artists part 02 - 9 inch nails
gl_mix_004 - darkwood mix by tooltech
gl_cd_001 - gloeckchen records - v.a. 01
labor51 013 - various artists - label compilation laborbericht 002 - own works mix by tooltech
HOUR002 - hands on unfoundsound records - dj set by tooltech
TAPE002 - technoid atmosphere podcast edition 20091021
TAPE004 - podcasted show from nov04
ttr014 - tooltech - space voodoo ep
labor51 14 - team tracks EP
super six dj mix 012 – tooltech research
clacson flow 006 – [podcast] mixed by tooltech
components part A – [podcast] mixed by tooltech
dirtclub pres. DIRTCAST017 mixed by tooltech
insc005 - indigo silver club mix 001 by tooltech
ttr017 - incl a tooltech remix

Clubs: berlin (pulp-mansion), nordhausen (alte weberei), bremen_(elf² energieleitzentrale), wuppertal_(butanclub), dortmund_(painthouse), trier (@ mergener hof, exhaus), kusel_(be-insi de), kastellaun_(nature one - usb camp), karlsruhe_(@ frisky, @ stadtmitte, @ kulturruine, @ erdbeermund), ludwigshafen_(soundlabor), kassel_(vomitorium), saarbruecken_(kitu-club), homburg/saar_(@ military depot, @ AJZ) research-department studios..
festivals/ events: USB winter edition, USB summer festival, USB camp at nature one
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[labor51_01] Tooltech - Feldforschung album art ToolTech Feldforschung(File, MP3, 256) Labor 51 [labor51_01] Germany 2007
Mixotic 069 Tooltech - Aciendo Labelmix album art Tooltech Aciendo Labelmix(File, MP3, Mixed, 192) Mixotic Mixotic 069 Germany 2007
[labor51_02] Tooltech - Voices In My Head album art Tooltech Voices In My Head(File, MP3) Labor 51 [labor51_02] Germany 2007
GTMix004 Tooltech - 1 Year Gleichtakt album art Tooltech 1 Year Gleichtakt(3xFile, MP3, Mixed, VBR) Gleichtakt Records GTMix004 Germany 2010

Singles & EPs

rfr008 Tooltech - Wake Up album art Tooltech Wake Up(4xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Rumpfunk Records rfr008 Germany 2006
ttr001 Tooltech - Unterholz EP album art Tooltech Unterholz EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Tooltech Records ttr001 Germany 2006
ttr014 Tooltech - Space Voodoo EP album art Tooltech Space Voodoo EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Tooltech Records ttr014 Germany 2009
GTakt021, gleichtakt records 021 Tooltech - Fallbeispiele EP album art Ulf Kramer & ToolTech Ulf Kramer & ToolTech - Fallbeispiele EP(5xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Gleichtakt Records, Gleichtakt Records GTakt021, gleichtakt records 021 Germany 2011
labor51 017 Tooltech - Evolutioned EP album art Tooltech Evolutioned EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Labor 51 labor51 017 Germany 2011
ttr030 Tooltech - Manana EP album art Tooltech Manana EP(9xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Tooltech Records ttr030 Germany 2012
ttr027_bonus Tooltech - Teamwork Part 2 Stellar EP - Incl. Remixes album art Tooltech Teamwork Part 2 Stellar EP - Incl. Remixes(7xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Tooltech Records ttr027_bonus Germany 2012
ttr031 Tooltech - Shadow EP album art Tooltech Shadow EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Tooltech Records ttr031 Germany 2012


TTR-MX005 Tooltech - ToolTech @ (My Favorite Collection) album art ToolTech ToolTech @ (My Favorite Collection)(File, MP3, Comp, Mixed, 192) Tooltech Records TTR-MX005 Germany 2006
lz023 Tooltech - Connected With Aliens album art Tooltech Connected With Aliens(File, MP3, Comp, 192) Loopzilla lz023 Germany 2007

DJ Mixes

[op3n]017 Tooltech - Digital Nature album art Tooltech Digital Nature(File, MP3, Comp, Mixed, 192) [op3n]017 Spain 2006
lz040 Tooltech - Unfoundsoundrecords Label Showcase album art Tooltech Unfoundsoundrecords Label Showcase(File, MP3, Comp, Mixed) Loopzilla lz040 Germany 2007
lz015 Tooltech - Recharge Your Batteries album art Tooltech Recharge Your Batteries(File, MP3, Mixed, 192) Loopzilla lz015 Germany 2007
lz063 Tooltech - Netlabel Mix album art Tooltech Netlabel Mix(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Loopzilla lz063 Germany 2008
Tooltech - IndigoSilverClub Mixes Volume One album art Tooltech IndigoSilverClub Mixes Volume One Indigo Silver Club Germany 2010
indigosilvershowcase Tooltech Indigo Silver Mix(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Tooltech Records indigosilvershowcase Germany 2010


ttr001.5 Tooltech - J.O.S.H.U.A album art Tooltech J.O.S.H.U.A(2xFile, MP3, 192) Tooltech Records ttr001.5 Germany 2006
Pipapo003 Tooltech - Opfer Der Emanzipation album art Tooltech Opfer Der Emanzipation(4xFile, MP3, 192) Pipapo Records Pipapo003 Germany 2006
[pPp005] Tooltech - Einmal Durch Den Wolf Und Zurueck album art M. Rueter / Tooltech M. Rueter / Tooltech - Einmal Durch Den Wolf Und Zurueck(File, MP3, 256) Pipapo Records [pPp005] Germany 2006
[Neubau 10] Tooltech - Photosynthese album art ToolTech Photosynthese(7xFile, MP3, 192) Neubau Records [Neubau 10] Germany 2007
SSR DJ-MIX 012 G Tooltech - Liveset 2010.02.15 Research Session album art Tooltech Liveset 2010.02.15 Research Session(File, MP3, 320) Super 6 Records Goodies SSR DJ-MIX 012 G Germany 2010