Post Regiment


History compiled by Konrad, with additions by Pawel Scream

Post Regiment formed in 1986 in Warsaw with Jarek "Smok" Smak (guitar), Rafal "Rolf" Biskup (bass), Darek "Tolek" Gracki (vocals) and Maksymilian "Max" Gralewicz (drums). They played their first show at the Poza Kontrola ("Out of Control") Fest in Warsaw in 1988. Weird story is that their friends' band Tragiedia also wanted to play at that festival, so Post Regiment decided to share their time on stage. After the third Tragiedia song the organizers wanted to end the show (as they were running out of time and they obviously figured out it was another band that wasn't scheduled to play at all), but the punk contingent of the audience didn't let the band to stop so early... And the recording of the Post Regiment show became their first demo tape called Slodka 16-latka (that translates to "Sweet 16"). It was put out by Punk Pirat Records and compared to the later recordings is much slower, more melancholic.

A year later Tolek moved to Germany and Dominika "Nika" Domczyk took over the vocals. Janek Cybulski joined on the guitar. Post Regiment developed an original, fast and melodic sound lead by dynamic female vocals. Their first official self titled album was recorded by band's (especially Smok's) friend Robert Brylewki (guitarist for bands such as Brygada Kryzys, Armia, etc.) at his own studio. Rob was nice enough to do it completely for free, so the only expense of that session was buying the master tapes. The CD was released in 1992 by QQRYQ Productions and got really great response; the band finally got nationwide recognition and started to play many more shows.

At the beginning of 1995 Cybulski left the band and Post Regiment recorded their second record Czarzly without him. While recording the tracks Nika was eight months pregnant with her and Max's daughter Zuzia. Czarzly was released in 1996 on CD by QQRYQ and LP by Wai Aye (German label of band's long time friend, Herne from Berlin).

3 years later Post Regiment recorded their final release, which is not really their own record (and not many people outside Poland are aware of it). Tragiedia wg Post Regiment (which means "Tragiedia According To Post Regiment") is sort of a tribute to Post Regiment's long time friends, Tragiedia (yes, the same band they shared the debut show with!), who ceased to exist a long time ago without releasing any records. The album consists of just Tragiedia's songs recorded by Post Regiment and two original members of Tragiedia, so the full line-up on this recording was: Nika (vocals), Amoniak (vocals), Smok (guitar, keyboards), Tom Goryl (left channel bass), Rolf (right channel base), Max (drums). The CD came out (as usual) on QQRYQ while the LP was a collective effort of Wai Aye, Skuld Releases and Profane Existance.

Post Regiment was successfully touring all over Europe, and they probably played more shows abroad then any other Polish punk band. Unfortunately in 2001 they decided to call it quits. They still are involved in DIY punk scene in Warsaw, helping with putting up or borrowing backline for shows; Smok is working as a sound engineer, so he's recording or mastering a lot of other punk bands' releases, etc. I heard already a few times about them playing again, but it seems like they aren't really sure about it. But they do jam together from time to time, so maybe that chapter in the Polish punk history isn't closed yet...

Members:Dominika Domczyk, Jan Cybulski, Jarosław Smak, Maksymilian Gralewicz, Rafał Biskup, Tolek (2)




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