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Jonas Erik Altberg
Jonas Erik Altberg (Swedish pronunciation: [juːnas eːrɪk albærj]), known by his stage name Basshunter, is a Swedish singer-songwriter, record producer and disc jockey, born December 22, 1984 in Halmstad, Sweden. He is best known for his number one hits "Boten Anna", "Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA", "Now You're Gone" and "All I Ever Wanted". He also competed in hit reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother in January 2010.
H2BSAMPLER02 Basshunter - Hard2Beat Records Sampler 02 album art Various Please Don't Go (Bad Behaviour Remix) Various - Hard2Beat Records Sampler 02(12", Ltd, Promo, Smplr) Hard2Beat Records H2BSAMPLER02 UK 2008 Sell This Version
H2BSAMPLER03 Basshunter - Hard2Beat Records Sampler 03 album art Various Now You're Gone (Karl G Remix) Various - Hard2Beat Records Sampler 03(12", Ltd, Promo, Smplr) Hard2Beat Records H2BSAMPLER03 UK 2008 Sell This Version
IBIZA 66 Basshunter - Ibiza Club 66 album art Various Saturday (Digital Dog Remix) Various - Ibiza Club 66(12", EP, Pic, Unofficial) Ibiza Club IBIZA 66 France 2011 Sell This Version

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September 1, 2012
Funny how some Basshunter fans defend him with quotes like "Early Basshunter is good Lol <(^^,)> is his best album, after that he sucks! "Now Your Gone" & Bass Generation are bad !" It's just like modern cartoons that suck compared to the classic from the 40-60's, we defend our decade we grew up with claiming it's the best. I started listening to commercial trance music in 2007, but once I discovered all the quality music and some nice innovations from the early-to-mid 90's I never bothered to listen anything new. Fans who grew with Basshunter would say he was good in the beginning but know he sucks. Pity most don't dig deeper to find a million better tunes. What Basshunter does at his best = Give people with little to zero knowledge about electronic music some shit taste and think he's innovative. Oh Basshunter, why don't stop producing all the super cliched music you make ? It's no good to the industry. Your music is as Souless as a bad American Idol contestent with little to no talent. He tries and tries... but discovers he has better talent being a Janitor than a singer / producer. But as Basshunter has marketing and technology at his side even putrid turds at making music like him shine to the clueless audience.


September 22, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
This so-called wonder artist kid from Sweden has caused some massive stir among the young hardhouse/Eurohouse clubbers here in Scandinavia with the song 'Boten Anna'. And this is another perfect example how big of a joke the commercial pop charts where it currently is climbing steady upwards. It's seriously nothing else than headache-giving super-cheesy hard house that has long died due to non-reinvention. And what else, it has that Vocoder vocal ala Cher-Believe..
A disgrace..

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