Clichy Bandits

Clichy Bandits is a band of musician friends from France who decided to seriously take things in hand to live, in the 2000s, the authentic sound "soul funk" at the crossroads of multiple influences : Blaxploitation, 70's groove, disco and feverish bass riffs ... a homecoming through compositions that honor the greats of the time.
The story began 15 years ago, in 1992: teens, already, our eyes, our ears were turned to 70's seniors, who had set the pace in the center of their concerns and had the melody goal.
The first name was "Jam X", Johann, Akira, Morgan and Xavier were the adventure in a rock formation with Fabien Verdier, his manager sulfur passed through the school of the famous Quincy Jones. In 1996, Thibaut and Samantha joined the cast to form "Masquerade", a group influenced soul funk classic. Finally, in 2006 with the arrival of Cyril and Zaher, "Alma" explores musically colorful lands funk jazz, inspired by the improvisations of Idris Muhammad, Dizzy Gillespie, Mickaël Longo and other Lalo Schifrin ....

Clichy Bandits is the result of this long journey. From its origins to today, the formats have changed, the spirit remained. Akira on drums, Revax on bass, Johann and Nico on guitar, vocals Cindy Xavier sax and percussions Baptiste perpetuate this quest of his groove, in search of the original sound.



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