Real Name:Kirill Saliakhov

Tenthu - is the alias of the Russian producer & sound designer, Saliakhov Kirill. Was born and living in Moscow, Russia. This time, he combines producing melodic / uplifting / progressive trance with higher education at Moscow Aviation University, on "Economics & Management" and working in a web design studio.
He started producing at the age of 14, right at that time he was involved into the trance music, with the influence of such names, like Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Darude, Rank 1 and so on, who were at the top of popularity then, and staying now.
First four years were just an amusement... for closest friends and free mp3 websites. In 2004 he decided to send out some of his demos to DJs and producers. The effect was really striking for him.
That became a critical point for a harder working on trance music. The first release was "Orange (incl. Frase remix)" [Inov8 Recordings]. It has got a huge support by Armin van Buuren, The Thrillseekers, Leon Boiler, Riley & Durrant, Factoria, Chris Chambers, Luke Terry, Jon O'Bir etc. This original track had also became a Future Favorite in Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance - episode #234. In february 2006 there were "Collapse (incl. Static Blue remix)" [Alter Ego Digital] & "Dark Horizon (incl. Tetrazone & Aurosonic mixes)" [Flux Delux] released. In march / april there were released some remixes for Real Music Recordings & Flux Delux. Now he has contracts with Discover, Bonzai, KYR Records and many more. Now he begins a DJ career also. , Facebook , Facebook , , , , X , MySpace
Aliases:Kirill Saliakhov, Slimheticz


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