Banda Metalurgia

Banda Metalurgia

Real Name:
Banda Metalurgia
Brazilian jazz-rock band, formed in São Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo) Brazil in 1982. The band components is: Marcelo Munari (guitars), Mané Leão (piano), Edu Fiore (bass), Claudinho (drums), Lino Simão (saxophone and flute), Bocato (one of the brazilian great trombonists), Nonô Camargo (trumpet), Claudio Faria (flugelhorn), Jacaré (saxophone) e Julio Peluchi (Da Júlia) (saxophone). The members are childhood friends from Baeta Neves neighborhood, in S.Bernardo, a industrial city of São Paulo suburb. All musicians studied and composed the "Banda Mirim do Baeta Neves" one of the great martial bands from Brazil, formed in 60's and still active.
Banda Metalurgia was making history in great and big shows at Lira Paulistana, a famous theater of São Paulo, recognized for publicize young bands and musicians who started the Vanguarda Paulista movement.

The disc Banda Metalurgia (Som da Gente, 1982) was the only album released by Banda Metalurgia.

The band ended its activities in 1983/1984. Bocato (Itacyr Bocato Jr.), the trombonist, have a greatest solo career and still active.


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SDG013/82 Banda Metalurgia Banda Metalurgia(LP, Album) Som Da Gente SDG013/82 Brazil 1982 Sell This Version

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